4 Kitchen Trends We’re Spotting Everywhere and How To Make Them Work in Your Home

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The kitchen is often the focal point in a home, especially if you have an open plan living and dining space. While you might not be able to rip out what you have and replace it all, you don’t have to be completely renovating your kitchen to give it a new look. 

Kitchen trends are often very easy to replicate in smaller ways, through appliances, smart design hacks and accessories. The right ones can really transform your space, while ignoring these factors can leave you feeling pretty uninspired to show off your kitchen area.

We’ve picked some of our favourite kitchen trends to try this year that can work whether you redo it all, or just refresh what you’ve got.

Black Features

Black is still the colour (well, kind-of colour) dominating kitchen trends right now. If you’re not looking to redo all your fixtures in black, there are still ways to lean into this trend. Add touches to your kitchen with to matte black diningware, or replace that old toaster with a glossy black version.

Vue Spencer Cutlery Set, $49.97

This stylish dining set from Vue ($49.97) features sixteen pieces across teaspoons, forks, knives and dinner spoons, all in matte black. Crafted from stainless steel, they’re long-lasting and practical while still working well as a dinner party setting.

Cutlery set

Endurance 6 Piece Cookware Set, $449.95

One of the best things about the black kitchen trend is that many of the non-stick cookware labels come in all-black. This set by Anolon ($449.95) is a great investment. The quality cookware set features two saucepans, two skillets, a saute pan and a stockpot.

Cookwear set

Alex Liddy Share 12-Piece Dinner Set, $49.99

Where once we wouldn’t even consider a dinner set that wasn’t gloss-white, stylish stoneware options have popped up in the last few years that have taken centre stage. This set by Alex Liddy ($49.99) is the matte black of your dreams, and makes for a fresh look at your dining table.

Dinner plates


Whether you’ve got a penchant for the 1950s, or love all things 70s, retro styling is on the rise in kitchen trends. The key with retro is to make sure you stick to a specific decade’s style to avoid a cluttered look – choose red and earth tones to bring the 70s feel, for example. 

Salt & Pepper Hue 12-Piece Dinner Set, $109.99

The 70s was all about earth-toned diningware, and this set by Salt & Pepper ($109.99) fits perfectly into the trend. The reactive glaze means no two pieces are the same, giving the set a handmade feel, and they’re microwave and dishwasher safe.Plates

KitchenAid 4.8L Artisan Stand Mixer, $949

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer ($949) will not only give your kitchen a retro feel, it will also make prepping a breeze, with its ten-speed system that can knead, whip and mix everything from cookies to guacamole. While the initial cost is a lot, KitchenAid products are designed to last – you’ll be using your stand mixer for years to come.


Le Connoisseur 6.3L Dutch Oven, $339.99

Dutch ovens will make winter cooking enjoyable, trust us. From stews to soups, the cast iron construction means even heat distribution and the ability to transfer from stove to oven. From a style perspective, dutch ovens like this Baccarat option ($339.99) always give a retro feel to your space, and look great displayed on a cooktop.

Natural Touches

Bring the outdoors in with natural materials in your kitchen. From an interiors perspective, this looks like driftwood statement features and nature-inspired colourways like moss green and ochre. If you simply want to add a little nature inspiration into your space, opt for linen tea towels, wood touches and colours of the ocean.

Alex Liddy Mode 4-Piece Tumbler Set, $49.99

The seaglass shade of this tumbler set by Alex Liddy ($49.99) evokes the ocean on a summer’s day, and will bring those same feelings of relaxation and calm to your dining table. Pair with neutral stoneware and some brass cutlery for your next dinner party.

Jamie Oliver 6-Piece Knife Block, $299.97 (on sale)

Need to replace your knife block? If you’re looking to lean into the natural look, pick one with a wood stand like this Tefal option ($299.97). Ice hardened to make them hard wearing and long-lasting, the block features all the knives you could need for cutting, paring and slicing.

Jamie Oliver knives

In Bed Linen Tea Towel, $30

Linen is a great material for tea towels, surprisingly. Absorbent and quick-drying, most importantly linen tea towels like this one by In Bed ($30) look great on display, giving your kitchen a relaxed look and feel.

Linen tea towel

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