Could This Be The Trick to Waking Up With Perfect Hair?

For many of us it sounds too good to be true: Going to bed at night and waking up with perfect hair. While differing hair textures and style preferences undeniably determine how much effort you put into your ‘do before heading out the door in the morning, there are simple things that everyone can do for better hair from the moment you switch off the alarm. 

We all know to make sure our hair is healthy and hydrated to keep it looking good, but have you ever stopped to consider where you rest your head at night? While it might sound farfetched, there is ample evidence to show that the fabric you sleep on has a huge effect on the state of your locks. 

Though many bedding sets come with cotton pillowcases as a default, you might want to rethink laying your head down to slumber on them. Reason being? Cotton pillowcases are absorbent. In addition to robbing the hair of moisture, they also “ pick up dirt and oil from your skin” Hello Glow reports. So for those who don’t want to risk the state of their hair and skin while snoozing, silk is a far better alternative.

Unlike moisture-leeching cotton, silk is far less absorbent. This means that your skin and hair stay hydrated throughout your rest. Furthermore, the soft surface means less friction on the hair — goodbye bed head. Sleeping on silk as opposed to linen or cotton, “you’re less likely to wake with frizz and tangles,” according to Good Housekeeping.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? But there must be some drawbacks… 

When choosing a silk pillowcase over other fabrics, the biggest deterrent people run into is cost. Silk pillowcases cost significantly more than the alternatives. For nice silk, you might be looking at spending anywhere from $50 to $170.

However, this shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from trying silk pillowcases. A quick scour online turns up highly reviewed options on Amazon ringing in at $32. If you’re still unsure, silk alternatives boast similar benefits. In fact, Good Housekeeping notes that alternatives like satin might be just as good — if not better in terms of longevity, sharing that “faux silk pillowcases will give you the same smoothness benefits (plus some added durability)”. 

The benefits are more than surface-level too. Not only do silk pillowcases result in a more tame appearance, but they’re also gentler on the hair. With less friction from the fabric, there is less damage done to the hair follicle. This means that your hair not only looks better after using a silk pillowcase, but it’s also healthier in general. 

If you’re feeling convinced that you should give it a go, keep scrolling to see some of our favourite silk (and satin) pillowcases that will have you waking up with perfect hair.  

Pillowcases We’re Loving

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Manchester Collection, Satin Pillowcase in Mocha ($7.95)

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