3 Things I Learned When I Took a Huge Risk and Got a White Couch


I’ve long loved the commanding aesthetic a white sofa has in situ and have longed for a lifestyle in which I too could sip red wine on a white sofa in a very nonchalant and cool way, just like my on-screen role models. But as a clumsy and chronic spiller, I had made peace with the fact I simply wasn’t cut out for that level of trust in myself.

But still, I yearned for the white couch mindset and the kind of ‘I am a mature adult who can take care not only of myself, but my stuff’-way of life, and so one day recently, I did the unthinkable: I threw caution to the wind and I got a white couch.

I opted for the Koala Coastal Sofa in Milk Bar for a few reasons. First, for its warm white tone that would complement my existing home decor palette of Australiana tones, Mid-Century wood furniture and about 4,000 plants. Second, for the fact it would be delivered that very next day (I was impatient and quite frankly, wanted the thing to arrive before I had a chance to regret my bold colour choice). And third, for its affordable price. At $1,300 the Coastal Sofa is around half the cost of similar-looking lounges but is delivered free, fast and in sections, which makes getting inside your house a lot easier. Bonus points were awarded for its sustainability credentials.

After assembling my new sofa, I was at once besotted. I loved the way it looked, was totally enamoured by the way it made my whole room look bigger and brighter, even though it was a significant size upgrade from my previous sofa, and couldn’t wait to show it off by hosting a nonchalant red wine party where we all chatted with enthusiastic hand gestures without spilling a drop.

But that’s not what happened. And actually, having a white sofa has been a learning curve I wasn’t necessarily prepared for, but a few months in I can assure I am thrilled to have taken the journey.

Here are three things I learned when I took a risk and bought a white couch.

1. Eating at the table is better

Though my partner and I would normally eat at the dinner table, the events of 2020 meant we had formed a habit of eating in front of the TV. But this changed when the white sofa moved in. Since I was not about to ruin the crisp white cotton by spilling lasagne or salad dressing, I made a rule that all meals were to be had at the table from now on, but this was a wonderful adjustment. Eating at the dinner table every night means I have a chance to unpack the day’s events with my partner as we share a meal. It’s a lovely ritual I wouldn’t want to break now. Even for MasterChef.

2. I’m not cool when guests come over

The cool-girl vibe I imagined possessing when entertaining on my new white sofa? Yeah, that’s not a thing. Though I think I look calm and chill on the outside, inside my mind whirls as I watch friends in animated conversations tip their wine glasses a little too far for comfort or eat marinated olives with their fingers. But then again, I recently had six guests over for a boozy evening and not a single mark was left on the couch afterwards… Maybe I didn’t look as cool as I thought I did and my friends caught my death stares, but still.

3. You need an insurance plan

For some, it would be the understanding that you might need to invest in steam-cleaning from time to time. For me, it’s the fact my sofa comes with removable covers. The Koala Coastal Sofa cushions have zip covers that are not made to be machine washed, but it certainly makes spot cleaning easier. On a few occasions, I’ve spilled little bits here and there and have found that spot cleaning with a wet cloth brings it up to new again. And if you’re still finding you’re nervous about snacking on the sofa, then you can always use throw rugs as a first defence.

At this point you may be wondering, should I get a white couch? The answer, in my opinion, is simple and is perhaps best answered yourself by a series of questions in retaliation.

Are you committed to the upkeep a white couch may require? Is your household, and those who live in it, suitable to the white couch lifestyle? As in, will the piece be respected by those who sit and relax on it? And third, do you want your home to look instantly cooler, brighter and bigger? If the answer is yes, then allow us to point you in the direction of your next home purchase.

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