Bed Heads are a Bedroom Décor Game-Changer — Just Ask Supermodel Georgia Fowler

As a renter, I’m always on the hunt for simple styling tweaks and single homewares items that’ll make my apartment look and feel that much more luxurious. Because, while I’m unable to do any actual renovations, I’ve realised that even a small adjustment can go a long way in achieving that goal.

And so, when I came across a home item Georgia Fowler, model of the moment, shared to her Instagram Story that did just that, I took note. The product in question? The Beatrix Bed Head by McMullin & Co. (queen, $1,299).

A cream-coloured linen bed head with velvet piping and a stylish wave design, it’s a statement piece that only commanded my eye on the ‘gram but would also do so in real-life, when stepping into a bedroom. Its designer, Alice McMullin, founder and creative director of McMullin & Co., says: “The inspiration behind the Beatrix was the natural ebb and flow of water during tidal changes.”

While I currently have a bed frame with a built-in headboard (also made from linen, which I love as a furniture material), if I didn’t, I’d definitely be hopping on this purchase — or one similar. So, for that reason, I thought it worth dedicating a story to all things bed heads.

What’s the appeal of a bed head?

Firstly, why do bed heads have such an impact on décor in a bedroom?

“Bed heads highlight the most important piece of the bedroom: your bed,” says Camilla Ingall, founder of interior styling company Unfolded. “They help to anchor the room and also offer character and charm to what may otherwise be a very plain wall.”

What should you consider when buying a bed head?

So, that said, what should we be looking for when buying a bed head? Height, proportion, palette, finish and edging are some factors to consider as a start, says Ingall. “You want to ensure your bed head suits both the flooring, as well as the walls,” she says.

“For instance, if you prefer a more neutral interior, you’ll need to decide a few things. Do you want the bed head to stand out with a pop of colour or pattern? Or, do you want it to have texture, like with a rattan finish? Or, would you rather it be a seamless addition to the room, achievable with a bone linen finish?”

Create Estate bed head
Image: Create Estate

Another factor to think about is whether or not you want your bed head to reflect feminine or masculine energy in its structure and shape, says Ingall.

“Masculine could be velvet finish with tall, sharp and bold structure, like this Brosa Stella King Size Winged Bed Head (king, $699), or a timber finish, like Life Interiors’ Karpenter Twist Headboard (king, 2,415). On the other hand, feminine could be a soft linen texture in an arch or oval top shape with soft, flowing lines, like Create Estate’s Linen Bed Head with Slipcover (single, $800). Rattan is also a beautiful finish, which is both masculine and feminine. If that’s what you’re after, opt for Living By Design’s Maland Rattan Bed Head (king, $599).

Should you go bed frame or separate bed head?

While bed heads can provide a bedroom with an instant facelift, so too can a new bed frame. This is why it’s worth adding bed frames to the mix when thinking about options for bed heads.

“Bed frames offer a framework to hold the bed and create a centrepiece to the room,” says Ingall. “Also, adding a rug — tucked one-third underneath — frames the bed really well and helpfully gives extra warmth underfoot when getting out of bed on winter mornings.”

Joseph bed
Image: Castlery

Another bonus of a bed frame is that it can provide extra storage. If you’re looking to store items out-of-sight under the bed, opt for a storage base over a bed with legs, says Ingall. A good option for a bed frame with storage is Castlery’s Joseph Bed (queen, $1,099) and, for a frame with legs, consider RJ Living Vintage Queen Bed (queen, $2,439).

Bed frames can also be custom designed, notes Ingall. “If you want the bed head to be a statement piece in the room, you can select your favourite colours or fabrics, choose a certain stitched finish or determine how far you want it to extend above the bed and past the bedsides,” she says.

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