Want to Dive into ‘Shark Tank Australia’? We’ve Got the Scoop

For better or worse, Shark Tank Australia isn’t about feeding Australians to sharks in a tank. This iconic series is instead about Aussies pitching business ideas, their companies, and their products to a panel of investors. These Shark Tank investors then decide if they’ll invest in these ideas or detail their flaws for Australia to watch.

As it stands, Shark Tank Australia has only had four seasons, with the last one debuting in 2018. So its fans and simps must be hyped.

On the other hand, if you’re unfamiliar with Shark Tank Australia, then here’s the deal: It’s basically Australian Idol but for aspiring entrepreneurs. The contestants come to Shark Tank Australia armed with their best business ideas and pitch them to the panel of judges, who are known as the Sharks. During their pitch, they’ll use all their best business acumen and powers of persuasion to convince the Sharks that their idea is worth investing in. If they’re able to strike a deal, their dreams are one step closer to becoming a reality.

Who will deliver the perfect pitch and propel their business to new heights with a big cash investment from our Sharks? One thing’s for sure, lives are about to be transformed.

Here’s every detail you need to know about this series before its 2023 return.

Who Are the Sharks on Shark Tank Australia?

One of the most important elements of Shark Tank Australia is, of course, the Sharks themselves. The 2023 Shark Tank Australia Sharks are as follows:

  • Davie Fogarty — The founder of Davie Group
  • Jane Lu —  The CEO of Showpo
  • Sabri Suby — The Founder of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency
  • Dr. Catriona Wallace — The Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance
  • Robert Herjavec — A dude who’s funded over $23 million worth of Shark Tank ideas.

However, if you’re hankering for some extra details about these Shark Tank Australia hosts, then we have got your craves sorted.

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Who Are Shark Tank Australia’s Contestants?

Shark Tank Australia has a rolling cast of contestants. Each episode stars a few constants pitching their business ideas.

What’s more, if Shark Tank Australia kept inviting the same guy to pitch his ideas over and over again, that would be buckwild. The series would have to be renamed, Shark Tank Australia: Ron Smith 26 Times in a Row.

If you want to sign up for Shark Tank Australia, follow the following link.

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Shark Tank Australia Trailer

Where to Watch Shark Tank Australia 2023

Shark Tank Australia airs at 7.30pm on Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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