‘Sexy Beasts’ Is the Latest Netflix Dating Show That Will Make You Ask ‘WTAF’?

Sexy Beasts Netflix

I’ll admit to having watched a bit of Love is Blind last year when it debuted on Netflix.

I was staying with a dear friend of mine and we have wildly different tastes in television. While I love what she calls “depressing” shows such as Succession, BoJack Horseman and anything that involves murder, she is all about those light-hearted, upbeat programs like Love Island and Queer Eye.

Somehow, we compromised on watching Love is Blind (which, upon reflection, seems like she actually won the debate) and while it was definitely cringey at times, it seems to have worked out well for two of the couples on the show who are still together now and who have proven the point that looks are not the be-all and end-all in a relationship (although it probably helps that everyone on the show was attractive).

But now… dare I say Netflix has lost the plot? Because the streamer’s latest dating show Sexy Beasts seems like it was dreamt up by a producer who was coming down off of a bad trip.

The premise of the show sees single people undergo hours in a makeup chair having state of the art prosthetics applied so that they may go on a date with another “masked” single.

After going on three dates, the contestant must choose which person they have fallen for and then hope to God that they aren’t less attractive than the wildebeest they were disguised as.

sexy beasts netflix
“Mice to meet you.” Credit: Netflix

In good news, thanks to the show’s trailer, we now finally know what it would look like if Satan made out with a Mandrill. And you thought (hoped) you’d never know.

We have to give (literal) props to Sexy Beasts, however, for not half-assing the concept. According to The New York Times, “Because each face piece could only be used once, and because the company providing the prosthetics did not know which contestants would be dumped after the first date, sculptors had to create three shooting days’ worth of prosthetics for each character — 148 individual pieces.”

So at least the streamer showed some commitment, even if none of the contestants do.

He’s an ass, man. Credit: Netflix

It seems that not everyone on the show understands the assignment however, with one chap, who appears to be a beaver (go figure), claiming that it’s “ass first, personality second”, giving beavers everywhere a bad name.

Can Sexy Beasts prove (again) that all you need is a deep, spiritual connection to make love work and it’s what’s on the inside that counts? Sure! But only if you’re a hottie when the prosthetics come off —  which, of course, they all are.

Sexy Beasts debuts on Netflix on Wednesday, July 21.

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