The 5 Best High-Tech Sex Toys to Get You Through Valentine’s Day

sex toys valentine

Self-care is the topic on everyone’s lips in 2021, and so it should be. 

Caring for ourselves is the healthiest way to live, for our mind, body and our relationships. Part of caring for yourself is knowing how to pleasure yourself and being open to exploring new ways to do that. 

This year, make this Valentine’s Day about your own pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. Orgasms are a fantastic part of life. Not only do they feel amazing, but they’re actually really good for a bunch of health reasons. 

They raise your oestrogen levels, which keeps our skin looking youthful by preventing a decrease in collagen. Orgasms lower your cortisol levels which helps to decrease inflammation and makes us feel calmer, helps general aches and pains and also helps you get to sleep easier.

And of course, they give us a huge surge of endorphins and oxytocin which makes us feel happier and more confident. Basically, there’s no evidence that suggests we shouldn’t be experiencing sexual pleasure on a regular basis.

Whether it’s just for you, or you’d like to involve someone else in your pleasure, there are so many amazing high-tech toys that can help you reach that ultimate climax, that you don’t have to put pressure on yourself or anyone else.

We’ve chosen our top five high-tech sex toys for you to try.

Bess by Zalo

Bess is the latest luxury vibrator from Zalo. She’s glam, she’s luxe and she’s designed in Paris, of course. Not only is Bess pretty enough to put on proud display, but it’s been designed to offer the most accurate clitoral stimulation, using a dual motor and attachments for multiple different experiences and users. Bess hits the e-shelves on V-Day, so make sure you go out and treat yourself.

Liberty by Lily Allen

We love Lily, and this collab makes us love her even more. Teaming up with Womanizer, Lily Allen has designed a suction vibrator, that mimics the sensation of oral sex. While many types of vibrators focus on a rumbling sensation, suction vibrators focus on using pulses directed at your clitoris. It’s an entirely different sensation, and it’s a serious vibe.  


Moxi by We-Vibe

Moxi is a wearable, clit-stimulating vibrator, for discreet and sensual hands-free pleasure. The vibrator gently teases your sweet spot wherever you go. It’s great for both solo use and couple use, and it’s got an element of risk and danger which can be a great outlet for adventure and exploration. 

Phoenix Neo by Svakom

This vibrator is hands-free. Your hands have officially been liberated from their sex-toy-holding duties—it’s up to you what you do with them. You can take advantage of the opportunity by trying new positions or will you relax and sink deeper into indulgence?

Phoenix Neo by Svakon is small but mighty. It’s app-controlled and webcam interactive via the FeelConnect3.0 App, so your partner can control it from anywhere. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let your lover (or your toy) take over. 

Arc by Dame

This is a G-Spot vibrator. First, let’s talk about where it is. The notoriously hard-to-reach erogenous zone is found a few inches deep on the top of the vagina. In order to hit the G-spot, you need a bit of bravery and innovation, which is where the curved shape of a G-spot-specific vibrator comes in. Arc features a strong motor, a squishy bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, and an easy-reach curved handle, helping you explore and discover that perfect spot. And it’s waterproof, so you can use it in the bath. 

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