What Makes a Good Sex Playlist (Plus Here’s One We Prepared Earlier)


In its next column for The Latch, BARE Therapy speaks of the importance of making time for sex, and how a playlist can help you get in the mood.

Long, languished days in bed with your lover are the things we dream of, though life often gets in the way. From kids and work to friendships and family commitments, it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to a quickie instead of committing to a few hours exploring in bed.

However, when you carve out that time for each other (or even just yourself!), you’re identifying that a healthy sex life and commitment to one another is something that’s important to you, something to prioritise. As ‘un-sexy’ as it may seem, if you struggle with finding the time for sex, pop it in the diary for a half-day.

Wake to the alarm of each other’s hands exploring your bodies, blinds closed with no interruptions (get a babysitter if you need to), and pop on this playlist – one of our favourites to turn us on and then get us off. It’s nine hours and 30 minutes of your listening pleasure, which should be plenty enough time to have you feeling connected to both yourself and your lover.

Listen to it all the way through, or take your favourites and start your own. No matter how you go about your sex soundtrack, just remember — rhythm is key, as is the mood your music brings to the bedroom.

BARE Therapy is an online counselling and sex-education service, run by Tammi (GradDipCouns). Find your pleasure by following her on Instagram for the hottest tips on great sex and positive relationships – @bare__therapy.

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