Sculptural Vases Are Trending and It’s the Affordable Art Your Home Needs


From sculptural candles and indoor slides to architectural staircases, we’ve seen a number of new interior trends take off in the past few months. Here at The Latch, we make it our mission to keep a close eye on emerging trends and strive to be the first to share them with you — whether it’s bouclé furniture or DIY twisted candles. 

The latest trend to catch our eye appears by the way of the sculptural vase. No longer merely a vessel for holding fresh or dried flowers, vases have evolved to double as an art piece in the home, sitting pretty as a means of self-expression on the table or mantlepiece. 

Whether taking after organic forms or even human figures, constructed from glass or terracotta, a quick search online or at your favourite decor retailer will result in a massive selection of sculptural vases that look just as chic on their own as they do filled with flowers.

Here, we’ve curated a list of our absolute favourites. 

Marimekko Urna Vase, $375

A natural beauty from the Finnish decor brand, the mouth-blown Urna Vase makes for a classic investment piece for anyone looking to level up the dining room table. With a wide bulbous base that narrows at the neck, the vase allows for easy styling of branches and long-stemmed blooms.


HAY Bottoms Up Vase, $169

Another glass beauty praised for its ability to cast light around a corner with careless ease. The HAY staple features an elegant neck balanced upon a domed base. HAY says the Bottoms Up Vase adds “a gorgeous sculptural element in any space, and is perfect styled on its own, or overlapping other clear vases to create incredible light reflections”.

hay vase

Anissa Kermiche Love Handles Vase, $626

Made in Portugal from durable ceramic and finished with a smooth glaze, the Love Handles Vase by Anissa Kermiche features two handles placed atop a woman’s hips. It’s a centrepiece sure to make a statement in the home and looks just as good with leaves spurting from the waist and flowers as it does solo. 

love handles vase
Anissa Kermiche

ACV Studio ‘Almost a Circle’ Vase, $340

These art pieces are made by hand, from brass and silver solder, from Anna Varendorff. Each item is totally unique with its own identifiable markings on the matte finish, while the material of the vase is designed to patina over time as water comes in contact with the copper surface. It’s not exactly designed for bouquets, but rather single flowers or small branches.

ACV studio

Hein Ostrea Rock Glass Vase, $300

This Hein Ostrea vase is mouth-blown and carved by hand with high-quality craftmanship, creating a unique raw surface and colour for each unique piece. Available in a range of colours, from baby pink to clear glass, the form, with its dimpled design, refracts the light in mesmerising ways and is just as stunning with flowers as it is without.

Hein Studio

Capra Designs Eros Vase, $89

Designed right here in Australia, these single-stemmed vases are handcrafted in small batches and come in blue, emerald, and cream. With an x-shaped base, the scultural piece is great for those with kids and pets as you’ll be hard-pressed to knock it over.

Capra Designs

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