You Can Now Buy A Bin Chicken NFT Thanks to Sydney Artist Scott Marsh

scott marsh nfts

Iconic Sydney artist Scott Marsh, known for his fiery political send-ups and satirical murals, is bringing another Aussie icon into the 21st century with the launch of NFT bin chickens.

If you thought the NFT world wasn’t weird enough, Marsh is currently letting anyone mint one of 6,969 unique bin chicken digital artworks he’s created.

In the last year, art NFTs have exploded in popularity and, with recent news of Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, cryptocurrencies belonging to virtual projects have surged.

While a global phenomenon, the virtual world has yet to be introduced to something quintessentially Aussie. You will find Cryptoadz and CryptoPunks, and now, for the first time, Bin Kingz.

Bin Kingz is Marsh’s collection of NFT bin chickens. No two are exactly alike, with each Kingz generated with a unique Australian trait, rarities and personality.

Purchasers may receive a bin chicken with a Warwick Capper mullet eating a devon sandwich, another may wear Dame Edna’s glasses and volley’s while holding a goon bag.

As a self-funded artist, Marsh has said that the NFT project will help support upcoming murals, galleries and larger projects.

“I’ve always strived to remain autonomous and not rely on galleries, grants or any third-parties for funding. So, when you’re willing to take risks, the creative constraints are usually financial,” Marsh said.

“Watching the NFT space since early this year, I’ve seen how the technology can transform the ephemeral nature of the street works I create, while bringing a whole new dimension to my work going forward.

“This project will ensure my future work stays genuine, while funding a number of large-scale projects I’ve had on the back burner for some years.”

Marsh is one of Australia’s most iconic and infamous street artists. With a deep history in graffiti culture, he’s recognised internationally for his signature, politically inspired and newsworthy mural pieces. His work has made news headlines globally with iconic pieces like Kanye Loves Kanye, Saint George, Trump Obese Turtle, Merry Crisis and A Symbol of Pain and Frustration.

Image: Scott Marsh’s mural ‘The Happy Ending’ depicting former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Redfern, Sydney / Getty Images

A Bin Kingz NFT will cost 0.069 Ethereum, around $424 at the current market rate, and will go to public minting on Friday, 1 November at the Bin Kingz website. With the value of NFTs skyrocketing over the past 12 months, it may be a worthwhile investment, but, like with the purchase of any collector’s item, the value lies in the social credit and reputation of the artist. Owning a unique piece of their work that cannot be copied or destroyed is a rare opportunity.

In addition to the 6,969 NFT bin chickens, Marsh has created 27 Bin Kingz Legends based on his personal experiences and mates. The legends include Briggs, after his close friend and Australia rapper, Lozza after tattoo artist Lauren Winzer, Kick-Ons-Ken based on an old housemate, and he’s even created one of himself.

Being immortalised as a Bin Kingz, Lauren Winzer states: “When Scottie messaged me if it was sweet to call one Lozza I was so flattered and felt so seen”.

“Scotty captures Australian culture so perfectly and mixed digital style with his own style so effortlessly! Every ibis represents everyday Australians so perfectly you feel like you’ve met them already!”

If you miss out on purchasing one of the NFTs, Marsh is stashing physical Bing Kingz NFT’s across global major cities. Entitled “Bin Kingz: Raiders of the Lost Bins”, hunters will have to search for mini gold spray-painted bins to score some free art. He’ll be posting clues on his social channels over the coming days.

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