Scented Matches Are the Luxurious Waste of Money You Want (Not Need)


We’re a big fan of scented candles for their ability to bring an instant mood to a space and cast an immersive fragrance throughout the home.

It seems funny to drop a small fortune on something you ultimately set fire to, and yet we’ve been known to splurge on high-end and designer candles fragranced with expensive notes. But our latest find takes this a step further.

Scented matches are the definition of cash to burn. While they emit a delicate and delicious fragrance upon striking, the scent is literally burned away in a mere instant. And they’re not exactly cheap.

Luxury French label Buly claims to have invented the scented match, and sells a small range of scented matches in varying fragrances, with stunning packaging, starting from €12.50 (AU $20.40).

On the product, Buly says: “The deodorizing power of matches has been attested for centuries, notably when it comes to sanitizing the restroom’s atmosphere quickly and innocuously.

“Cut to a greater length than usual in a tender wood, then coated with a scented solution, the matches fill a room’s atmosphere with fragrance in one fell swoop. Even as they catch fire, they are an elegant and odorous prelude to the aromas of the Scented Candles which they can conveniently light.”

Buly’s ‘Alexandrie’ scented matches carry notes of mint, lemon and blackcurrant, plus ginger, vanilla and moss. Swap the moss out for gin and it sounds like a pretty delicious cocktail actually.

Following Buly’s lead, a second French candlemaker, Cire Trudon, has begun creating scented matches. Available to buy in Australia on Adore Beauty, a range of scented matches in varying fragrances start at $29.

Like Buly’s, Cire Trudon’s matches feature a longer wooden stem, which candle lovers may find helpful for lighting multiple candles per match. In a stylish box, the ‘Tadine’ matches are fragrances with cardamom, sandalwood and guaiac wood for a moody and musky scent after striking.

Cire Trudon says: “Leave them out to add to your home styling, or keep the box a little open in a drawer to scent its contents.”

Are scented matches worth it?

It’s a luxurious touch we’d certainly never call a necessity, but indulgent? Sure. If you have the means and are looking to level up the luxury at home, why not try some scented matches?

Or, you know, you can pick up a box at the supermarket, where a pack costs around $2 to $3. I happen to think those smell pretty good too.

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