What Is the Scariest Movie of All Time? The Answer Lies Within If You Dare Read On


If we asked you what the scariest movie of all time is, what would you say?

It’s a good question to ponder as Halloween is just days away so you’ll no doubt be wanting to pull out all the stops and ensure that all your nightmares come true as you fire up the most frightening film releases.

While everyone will surely have their own opinion on which horror movie is the most bone-chilling, and will potentially be willing to fight on you why they are right, there is an easier way to ensure this Halloween is most terrifying yet, while keeping all friendships intact.

Using the database Where’s the Jump? the good folks at Top10Casinos.com have compiled a list of the scariest horror films where you’re likely to jump, inducing some screams and spine-chills throughout. To collate the list, 100 top horror films were reviewed with the number ‘jumps’ recorded per film to figure out which is the most scare-tastic.

The study yielded some pretty interesting results. For example, it turns out that the 2010s was the spookiest decade of all with 41 renowned horror films released during that time period.

With a total of 27 jump scares, Evil Dead II — the sequel of the notorious cult classic The Evil Dead — was found to be pretty darn scary thanks to its gore-fuelled scenes and swarms of flesh-possessing demons, which are complemented nicely by its campy humour.

Placing just outside the top ten but still in the top 20 were films such as Annabelle Creation (number 11), Scream III (number 12), Halloween Kills (number 15) and The Curse of La Llorona (number 19).

Unsurprisingly, both of the modern-day It movies made it into the top ten because, as I’ve said before, clowns are the worst and there is nothing scarier than them.

So, what was the number one scariest movie of all time, as decided by its number of jump scares? Read on for the top ten.

10. It Chapter Two

Year: 2019

Jump scares: 23

9. The Grudge

Year: 2004

Jump scares: 23

8. Host

Year: 2020

Jump scares: 23

7. It Chapter One

Year: 2017

Jump scares: 23

6. Drag Me To Hell

Year: 2009

Jump scares: 23

5. Insidious

Year: 2010

Jump scares: 23

4. The Haunting In Connecticut

Year: 2009

Jump scares: 26

3. The Messengers

Year: 2007

Jump scares: 27

2. Evil Dead II

Year: 1987

Jump scares: 27

1. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Year: 2013

Jump scares: 32


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