With 3-Hour Delivery, This Online Furniture Store Is Like The Iconic for Your Home


Picking furniture and designing around the layout of your new home is undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable aspects of moving house, but you know what’s not? Roaming the aisles of crowded warehouses on a Sunday with 500 other shoppers with screaming kiddos, short fuses, and uncontrollable trolleys.

Now though, there’s a much better way to shop for furniture, and I’m considering breaking my lease and finding a new house all so I can try it out for myself.

Design.Online is the newest player in the online decor space with an unbeatable proposition; they’ll deliver quality pieces of furniture, in — get this — three hours.

Essentially, this means you could move house and have all your bulky furniture delivered, and assembled with no complicated tools, FOR FREE, in just one day. Sign us the hell up.

design.online bed
Source: Design.Online

Design.Online was launched earlier this year — born from a King Living research program that focused on sustainable strategies to eliminate waste and pioneer ways to reuse materials in the furniture industry.

As a result, the pieces produced by Design.Online, all of which are designed by game-changers in Australia, are built to stand the test of time and are engineered with long-lasting fabrics that are hard-wearing, washable and UV-resistant.

With an earthy colour palette inspired by the Australian landscape, the collection is designed to suit any home both right now and for many years to come, ultimately saving Australians from updating their interiors based on fleeting seasonal trends and inevitably tossing perfectly good items into landfill.

Design.Online launched with a handful of pieces for the living room and bedroom — a dining setting and outdoor furniture range landed more recently.

You can shop beds, mattresses, pillows, bed linens, cushions, modular sofas, side tables, coffee table rugs, and more.


Prices feel incredibly reasonable, particularly when you take into account the impeccable quality and free delivery, which anyone who’s ever purchased furniture before knows can take months and comes with hefty delivery fees.

And if all that wasn’t enough to have you sold, the startup also has give-back initiatives in place. Design.Online donates $5 from every purchase to charity partners that include Room to Read (supporting girls’ education), and Black Dog Institute (supporting mental health).

If furniture is ever returned, it’s donated straight to the St Vincent de Paul Society, and upon launch, the team sent brand new pieces to local PCYCs, the Sydney Children’s Hospital and Toongabbbie House for homeless young people.

Shop the range now.