RSPCA Shelters in NSW Have Reopened To Help You Adopt Your New Best Friend


Our time in isolation certainly made us realise just what’s important to us, and for many, highlighted aspects of our lives we felt were lacking. Physical affection no doubt stood out among many, which is perhaps why so many Australians sought to adopt pets in isolation.

Due to COVID-19, RSPCA shelters were forced to close their physical doors and moved their entire adoption process online (successfully, mind you!). Now though, after a few months of operating on the web, shelters around Australia are beginning to open once more, making it even easier for those seeking a new best friend to find their perfect match.

RSPCA shelters in NSW, as well as Queensland have now reopened. In a statement, RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman, says: “Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us, it has been heart-warming to see the community turn to animal companionship during these challenging times.

“We hope this support will continue as we re-open our doors to the public to adopt animals in our care.”

Back in March, TheLatch— revealed the RSPCA was encouraging those in self-isolation to consider fostering a pet for company at home, endless cuddles, and to bring a sense of purpose in troubling times.

“Becoming a foster carer is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of animals in need. Some animals find the shelter environment too stressful, and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to support animals when they need us the most,” Kieran Watson, RSPCA NSW spokesperson told TheLatch— exclusively.

“If you are after some companionship during this time of isolation, consider providing a home for an animal in need.”

The RSPCA was inundated with requests for pet fostering, and in conjunction with its successful Adopt from Home campaign, was able to rehome 2,680 animals in RSPCA NSW shelters alone.

Restrictions around social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic have eased, but the RSPCA still has a number of initiatives in place to ensure the safety of visitors to the shelter.

Expect to see increased hygiene measures, social distancing guidelines, and limitations to the number of visitors inside.

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