A Round-Up of All the Accommodation Available on Rottnest Island


Arriving at Rottnest Island, whether that be a 90-minute ferry from Fremantle or, for a special treat, a 15-minute seaplane, you’ll immediately feel more chilled out. It might be the lack of cars on the island. Or the slow pace at which visitors move as they stop strolling or biking to take snaps of the resident quokkas. Or it might be the calming energy that’s brought by staring at the still, seven-shades-of-blue sea.

Whatever it is, it all points to Rottnest Island as worth a stay. Because while most only visit for a day trip, by not staying overnight, they’re missing out on fully experiencing the island’s way of living. And there’s no excuse not to stay, really — the island has a range of accommodations to suit every budget.

From basic camping and up-a-level glamping with hotel-ready beds and a porch and table where you can snack on a cheese platter or sip a vino while admiring the sea, to a resort at Thomson Bay with a beach club and beachfront rooms, we’ve rounded up all the options of Rottnest Island accommodation here.

Rottnest Island
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Samphire Rottnest

The nicest accommodation on the island, Samphire Rottnest was designed to complement its natural surroundings. Choose from rooms facing Thomson Beach, one of the two lagoon-style pools or the lane leading down to the beach. Sip cocktails at the resort’s Bayside Bar, Lontara Lounge or The Beach Club. For sunset, head to the Sea Deck for stellar views.

Samphire Rottnest
Image: Samphire Rottnest

Rottnest Campground

Stay Rottnest Campground comprises 43 non-powered, sand-covered campsites, all equipped with wheelchair access, that can accommodate up to two tents and six people each. If guests aren’t keen to dine at one of Rottnest’s restaurants, they can take advantage of its communal camp kitchen to cook up their meals, as they mingle with others staying. The campground is a 10-minute stroll from Pinky Beach.

Rottnest Campground
Image: Stay Rottnest Campground

Discovery Rottnest Island

The newest accommodation offering on Rottnest Island, Discovery Rottnest Island opened in 2019 — the first new stay opening in over 30 years. Wake to a soft sea breeze and beach views in one of the park’s 83 eco-tents, all made with thick canvas. Glamping tents include deluxe oceanside, which sleeps two, superior access tent, which sleeps four, and deluxe family tent for five. Most packages include breakfast.

Discovery Rottnest Island
Image: Discovery Rottnest Island

Stay Rottnest

Stay Rottnest provides self-contained rentals for beachfront units, heritage cottages, bungalows and cabins on the island, as well as beds in hostels and dorms. Accommodation is spread across the island in locations Kingstown Barracks, Longreach Fay Geordie Bay and Thomson Bay North, though all are easily accessible from the ferry drop-off point by stroll, bike or short shuttle bus ride. Check-in at the island’s Visitor Centre from 2pm, and note that you might have to bring your own linen.

Stay Rottnest Island
Image: Stay Rottnest

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