‘Rosehaven’s’ Fifth Season is Bringing a Much Needed Boost to Tasmania’s Tourism Sector

Beloved Aussie comedy Rosehaven has been renewed for a fifth season on ABC, inviting viewers back to the rolling hills of Tasmania once more. 

The new season of the multi-award-winning series, written by and starring Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola, will begin production in early 2021.

As the official synopsis for the new season reads: Having defeated the first agent that tried to encroach on McCallum Real Estate’s territory, Daniel (McGregor) and Emma (Pacquola) are content for things to go back to normal. But Barbara (Kris McQuade) isn’t, and she forces them to take on more responsibility for the business. Could this be the year she finally retires? Meanwhile, Daniel is regretting breaking up with the love of his life, and Emma finally gets what she’s always wanted – a Rosehaven-based nemesis.

The eight-part series continues to share Tasmania’s natural beauty, characters, and stories while showcasing the technical skill of those in Tasmania’s screen industry.

Rosehaven has brought huge opportunities for production crews in Tassie, with 37 local full-time crew, 16 local casuals, 25 local actors and more than 50 extras working on the fifth season. 

In a wonderful, full-circle moment, at least 17 ‘Rosehaven graduates’ will be in the crew – meaning, staff who had their first professional engagement or started as a trainee or attachment on the show will be promoted to a full-time role.

Meanwhile, in a boost to the tourism sector decimated by COVID-19, Rosehaven cast and crew will use at least 1,200 accommodation room nights in Hobart and surrounds during production.

Pacquola and Luke McGregor said: “This is really exciting for us, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. In 2015 we knew we wanted to make a TV show, but we had no idea what to write about, and we were extremely worried no one would want to watch whatever we came up with.

Now we’re getting to make a fifth season, we will allow our very self-deprecating comedian brains to feel a tiny amount of pride that we’ve made a good thing. But having written that, we already feel arrogant, so we take it back and apologise for getting a big head there for a second. Thank you to everyone who helped us get here, and a huge thank you to Tasmania for being such an awesome state to film in.”

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