Documentary ‘Robin’s Wish’ tells the story of Robin William’s Final Days

Robin Williams

A documentary detailing the late Robin Williams’ final days is being released on September 1 in the US.

Directed by Tylor Norwood (The United States of Detroit, Paper Tigers), the film will also focus on his fight against Lewy Body Dementia, a deadly neurodegenerative disorder.

“It was in the spirit of completing the record and honouring Robin’s legacy that I made Robin’s Wish,” Norwood said in a statement, as reported by Deadline.

“This is a moment for the world to look deeper into the inspiring character and harrowing lived experiences of a truly incredible man, someone who touched us all. I want to thank everyone involved in the telling of this story. I hope we do some good in the world by bringing awareness to what Robin was going through, and his grace through it all.”

The documentary sheds a light on the tragedy that was his death by suicide in 2014 and for the first time since he passed away, those closest to him, including his wife Susan Schneider Williams, will give personal insights.

“I am so proud of Robin’s Wish and want to thank everyone that contributed to the production and release of this film,” Schneider Williams said in a statement.

“The full story of what happened to Robin was revealed during the making of the film – it holds the truth of what he and I had been searching for during the last year of his life.”

“For so many, it was difficult to understand why Robin would go. When someone takes their own life, there is always more to it. This film is that more. This is Robin’s story, it’s our story, and in some ways it’s a universal one — as we all understand what it means to search for answers, to experience love and loss and the power of healing that keeps us all going.”

It is currently unclear how and when the documentary will be released in Australia.

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