Ridley Scott Gives Everyday People the Opportunity to Star in His Next Film

Life in a Day

“We are living in extraordinary times. Every day the world writes a new story. A story of joy and sadness, made of moments and movements. What if we could capture one day?”

Acclaimed director and producer Ridley Scott has joined forces with YouTube to give people around the world the opportunity to star in his next film.

Life in a Day documentary invites ordinary people to take part in a historic documentary, to capture a single day on earth.

To participate, all you have to do is film your day on July 25 and submit your clips. They will then be put together to create history.

Scott is being joined by director and Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald (One Day in September) who produced a 90-minute documentary back in 2010.

The project had more than 80,000 pieces of footage submitted, from 189 countries with a total of 4,500 hours turned into a 90-minute documentary.

This new instalment will premiere at Sundance in 2021 and as the world has become a vastly different place in the last decade, we’re anticipating something quite exceptional.

If you wish to take part, you must upload your submission by August 2 and for your best chance of being included, make sure you follow the filming requirements a the tee.

Requirements include filling out appearance release forms, making sure to have location permissions, withhold any music or soundtrack and don’t break the law. Seems simple enough.

Along with the video submission — which may include spending time with friends and family, working, or even a special occasion — the team of filmmakers urge you to show “lockdown in your city, how your world is opening up, or something you’re fighting for” and ask you to answer four questions.

☆ What do you love?

☆ What do you fear?

☆ What would you like to change? Either about the world, or your own life.

☆ What’s in your pocket?

The most important thing? Make it personal. “Share what matters to you. This is your film.”

Visit the website to submit your footage.

Watch the original Life in a Day 2010 film here.

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