Prepare to Feel Poor When You See This List of Australia’s Richest Folks

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If there was ever a list you would hope to be on, it’s The Australian’s ‘The List’, an annual round-up of the country’s top 250 wealthiest individuals. Assembled by the publication’s editor John Stensholt, a leading business journalist with in-depth knowledge of top-tier wealth in Australia, the round-up shares individuals’ ages, industries and estimated valuations.

So, who made the list? Well, Gina Rinehart topped it yet again with a cool $32.64 billion, while fellow mining magnate Andrew Forrest came in a close second with $31.77 billion. Anthony Pratt is #3 with $27.77 billion while Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar are 4th and 5th with $26.20 and $25.99 billion respectively.

Gina Rinehart
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The total wealth on the 2022 list is a combined $520.20 billion, while, in 2021 it was $470.07 billion, which can partly be put down to inflation.

In terms of top industries, the highest money-making sectors from the list were property (59), technology (29), investment (28), retail (27), mining (22), manufacturing (14), healthcare (13), financial services (12), agriculture (10), and construction (10).

This year’s edition of The List had more members from the technology sector than ever before, while some of the so-called older industries, such as manufacturing, are showing resilience.

“The technology revolution is heralding a shift from ‘old’ industries such as mining and manufacturing to newer online sectors, bringing significant change to the ranks of the country’s wealthiest individuals,” said Stensholt.

“It has also helped create a record number of new names on The List, with 29 debutants. Despite the pandemic, some sectors — retail in particular — have done incredibly well and created a surge in new wealth on The List. It’s been fun uncovering the new names coming up amongst the old guard of The List and sharing their stories.”

The most popular money-making suburbs were Toorak (20), Point Piper (12), Vaucluse (11), Mosman Park (6), while NSW can claim the highest number of people from the list with 98 residents. Victoria has 71, Queensland 32, WA 21, SA 5, NT 2 and Tasmania and the ACT 1 each.

Age-wise, the youngest person on the list is 32-year-old Afterpay founder Nick Molnar, while the oldest people on the list are Len Ainsworth and Marc Besen who are both 98 years old. The average age of those on the list is 65 years old.

So, without further ado, here’s the top 30 on The List:

1 Gina Rinehart $32.64b 68 Mining
2 Andrew Forrest $31.77b 60 Mining
3 Anthony Pratt & Family $27.77b 61 Manufacturing
4 Mike Cannon-Brookes $26.20b 42 Technology
5 Scott Farquhar $25.99b 42 Technology
6 Harry Triguboff $20.81b 89 Property
7 Clive Palmer $18.35b 67 Mining
8 Cliff Obrecht $15.89b 36 Technology
9 Melanie Perkins $15.89b 34 Technology
10 Ivan Glasenberg $9.10b 64 Mining
11 Frank Lowy $8.90b 91 Investment
12 Alan Wilson & Family $8.11b 81 Retail
13 Kerry Stokes $7.43b 81 Media
14 Richard White $7.24b 67 Technology
15 Cameron Adams $5.43b 42 Technology
16 John Gandel $5.05b 87 Property
17 Lang Walker $5.03b 76 Property
18 Jack Cowin $4.82b 79 Retail
19 Len Ainsworth & Family $4.62b 98 Investment
20 Lindsay Fox $4.36b 84 Transport
21 James Packer $4.20b 54 Gambling
22 Lachlan Murdoch $3.82b 50 Media
23 Chau Chak Wing $3.74b 68 Property
24 Avi Silver $3.66b 63 Retail
25 Eddie Hirsch $3.66b 69 Retail
26 Greg Goodman & Family $3.52b 59 Property
27 Angela Bennett $3.38b 76 Mining
28 Morry Fraid $3.16b 70 Retail
29 Zac Fried $3.16b 49 Retail
30 Solomon Lew $3.09b 75 Retail

You can view the full list of 250 Australia’s richest in 2022 here.

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