Jazz Up Your Home With Furniture and Homewares from the Latest Trend, Retro Revival


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Whether you’re still working from home at least a couple days a week, or travelling less than you normally would, chances are, two years into the pandemic, you’re still spending more time than ever before at home. And with that comes the need to ensure you’re making your space as comfortable and as ‘you’ as can be.

One way to do this is to experiment with home trends, trying things on for size, to see what sticks and what doesn’t. And the latest trend to try is retro revival.

“Curved bed heads, terrazzo tiles and dynamic wallpapers, 2022 is looking to be the year of the retro throwback with popular design trends from the 1960s, 70s and 80s making their way into our home,” writes UK site Liv for Interiors, adding that the trend features “rounded shapes across furniture and lighting, to bold patterned wallpapers and rugs, to warm orange hues on our walls and across soft furnishings.”

So, from a practical point of view, how can we incorporate the retro revival trend into our home? Ahead, the styling team at Brosa shares three ways to do so, along with a few of their newest pieces to shop that tap into the trend as well.


“Introduce some retro lighting to create a relaxed ambience, with metallic shades and fun art deco designs,” the team said.


“Go wild with chunky silhouettes and fat curves that make a real design statement. Curves are everywhere, with exaggerated channelling. Curved timber dining chairs extend the theme.”


“Onyx, experimental stone and travertine all have a moment, sometimes with curved pillar legs, while burl timber is interpreted in new and interesting ways. Metallics feature heavily, with gold and chrome accents on many pieces.”

Retro Revival Furniture to Shop

Poppy Sofa, $2899 (now on sale for $2319)

“With a solid square base and organic curvaceous contours all over, Poppy is fascinating from any angle and a stunning statement piece. Premium Velvet makes the ultimate retro statement, or go neutral with Signature Premium.”

Coltrane Dining Table, $2099 (now on sale for $1769)

“With its bold shape and sculptural style, Coltrane is all about sleek curves. The oval-shaped top of the dining table is highlighted by deeply carved half moon-shaped legs.”

Clover Table, $449 (on sale for $359)

“Clover sports a unique bold tripod leg design, straight on the outer side with a curve on the inner leg. The raised edge detailing on the tabletop enhances the retro feel of the piece.”

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