The Headlines: It’s Almost Impossible to Rent a Home in Australia Right Now

If you’re here, then you want a piping hot cup of news. Well, don’t you worry, because I have some scorching deets that will melt you from the inside out. Perhaps the news today is, dare I say, too hot? Whelp, there’s no turning back now, so here are today’s biggest headlines:

National Vacancy Rates Are Less Than One Percent

Just when we all thought that Australia’s rental market couldn’t get any more savage, SQM Research has gone and proved us wrong. According to their data from August, the national residential property rental vacancy rate has fallen to 0.9%.

This is the lowest rate Australia has experienced since 2006 and is partly at fault for our rental prices being so buckwild high right now.

“The national housing rental crisis has further deteriorated to unprecedented levels,” explained SQM Research’s Managing Director, Louis Christopher.

“And rental listings thus far recorded in September would suggest another fall in rental vacancy rates for the current month.”

The Climate Council Reacts to the New La Niña

Yesterday, the Bureau of Meteorology declared a third consecutive La Niña was on its way. This provoked the Climate Council to give a dire warning and make some recommendations.

“A third consecutive La Niña is likely to bring above average rainfall on an already saturated east coast, spelling tough times ahead for many Australians,” said Dr. Simon Bradshaw, the Climate Council’s Director of Research.

“The risk of extreme rainfall and flooding is also exacerbated by climate change, driven by the burning of coal, oil, and gas.”

Bradshaw also noted that there should be an “urgent implementation of the 80 recommendations of the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements and the NSW Flood Inquiry.”

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The Queen is Now Back in Jolly Old England

If you’re someone who needs to know where Queen Elizabeth II’s dead body is right now, then you’re a creep. However, I’m not here to kink shame you or yuck your yums. According to the ABC, her corpse is at Buckingham Palace in the Bow Room. It will stay there overnight.

The Ukrainian Military Has Recaptured Day-One Seized Land

It’s happening: Ukraine is crushing it. According to The Guardian, this country’s military has recaptured 6000 sq km of stolen land in just a couple of days. This includes areas that Russia took on the first day of its invasion. 

“We’ve seen a number of Russian forces, especially in the northeast, in the Kharkiv region, cross over the border back into Russia as they’ve retreated from the Ukrainian counter-offensive,” stated the Pentagon’s press secretary, Pat Ryder, as per CNN.

However, the brigadier general also stated that Russian personnel still “exist en masse in Ukraine.”

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