Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories Sunnies Now Let You Send Messages and Take Calls on Whatsapp

Ray Ban Stories

Last year, we were introduced to Meta’s (you know, the new Facebook) Ray-Ban Stories, sunglasses that let you take photos, play music and answer calls. This week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a very cool update: the sunnies will now let you call and send messages via WhatsApp (which is owned by Meta, by the way).

With the new update, you’ll now be able to make calls and send messages on WhatsApp, hands-free. You’ll simply have to say, “Hey Facebook, send a message to [contact name or group name]” or “Hey Facebook, call [contact].”

The new update will also let you hear a readout of the messages you receive on WhatsApp. The new update is being rolled out from today, and users who already have the glasses should make sure they have the latest firmware.

Ray-Ban Stories
Image: Meta

Back in September 2021, Zuckerberg had shared that Ray-Ban and Facebook had teamed up to create smart glasses (not at all unlike Snap Spectacles) that would let you take photos and videos, listen to music and use Facebook Assistant — all built into the iconic Wayfarer frames.

“[Ray-Ban Stories] is a milestone product that proves consumers don’t have to choose between technology and fashion — they can live in the moment and stay connected while wearing their favourite style of Ray-Bans,” Rocco Basilico, Chief Wearables Officer at Essilor Luxottica, the parent company of Ray-Ban, had said at the time.

Some key features of the glasses include:

Instant Camera Capture

Instant photo and video of up to 30 seconds, using dual TMP cameras on the front of the frames. Helpfully, a capture LED lights up when the cameras are on and you’re taking a photo or filming a clip.

Built-In Audio

Built-in Bluetooth and microphone let you listen to your favourite media from any app on your phone, as well as take calls.

Facebook Assistant

Use the “Hey Facebook” wake word to take videos and photos hands-free. So you could say “Hey Facebook, take a photo” and it’ll snap one.

Announced in a video shared to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, featuring him and Basilico, Ray-Ban Stories are already available to buy here in Australia at Ray-Ban stores or online at ray-ban.com, as well as at Sunglass Hut and OPSM. They come in three styles: Wayfarer, Round and Meteor, and are offered in five colours.

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