Ramen Pizza Is the Food Hybrid No One Asked For, Yet Of Course We Would Try It


I love ramen. I love pizza. But am I down to slurp noodles and eat char siu with chopsticks off a pizza base?

Look, It’s not exactly a question I thought I’d ever be asking myself, but of course, the answer is yes. Although perhaps with a tone of slight reluctance.

This eye-catching creation is the work of Pizza Hut Taiwan, who teamed up with popular Japanese ramen chain, Menya Musashi, to pioneer the world’s first ramen pizza.

Atop a standard pizza base lies a Tonkotsu (pork) broth, thick ramen noodles and pork slices. An array of garnishes include fresh chilli, white sesame seeds, spring onion, and a soy-boiled egg. Bamboo shoots come on the side.

The ramen pizza is only available in Taiwan and according to Lonely Planet, costs NT$450 (AU $22). So now the question begs: would you eat it?

Our main concern is for the structural integrity of the pizza base. Any bread saturated in too much liquid (broth, in this case), risks becoming overly soggy. Though maybe if you eat fast enough it’s not an issue… Regardless, we’re here for it, and would absolutely jump at the chance to try it for real.

Apparently, Pizza Hut Taiwan has something of a reputation for churning out unlikely food collaborations. Lonely Planet reports its previous mashups to be durian pizza, “stinky” tofu pizza, and a bubble tea pizza.

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QQ黑糖珍奶大比薩 BLACK SUGAR BOBA MILK TEA PIZZA 🍕 | Errrr myyyyy gawddddd when in Taiwan must try errrthang boba 😂 Yes this is a boba (pearl) milk tea PIZZA 😱😱 Idk what we were expecting but did not expect to love the taste so much! The boba was made perfectly so Q and not mushy at all! The sauce on the base was milk tea & cream was like those cream cheese on the milk tea foam?! 💕 Can’t explain but it’s like eating sweet roti or Nutella pizza just goes so well!!!!! 😋 Considering opening a pop up in Melb what do you think? #bobapizza #whenintaiwan #boba #pearlmilktea #milkteapizza #pizzahut #pizzahuttaiwan #foodielife #taiwantrip2019 #必勝客 #珍珠奶茶披薩 #台灣美食 #台灣之旅

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