3 Subtle Details That’ll Give Off the ‘Quiet Luxury’ Aesthetic at Home

Quiet luxury interiors

‘Quiet luxury’ is trending in the fashion world, and it’s now seeping into home interiors. If you’re not familiar with the trend, it’s about oozing wealth, rather than screaming it. It focuses on quality materials and classic styles, and shopping more consciously.

“Quiet luxury in interiors means understated, timeless and having an elegance about it,” says Camilla Ingall, interior stylist and founder of Sydney interior design and property styling company Unfolded. “An example of this would be a classic modular sofa with a piping detail or suede fabric to give off that ‘luxurious’ vibe without it standing out.”

Quiet luxury is different from another popular interior trend, minimalism, in that minimalism is solely reflective of a simplistic tone. Quiet luxury, on the other hand, is expressed through layering, contrasting tones and textures, bold colours and statement pieces, and attention to detail.

“Velvet, cashmere, silks, linens like flax or French, toile, wool and leather are some materials that’ll lend themselves to the quiet luxury aesthetic,” says Ingall. “These types of fabrics can be used in upholstery, decorative cushions, rugs and drapery for windows.”

Image: Articolo

Another way to achieve the quiet luxury aesthetic is by investing in quality rugs, made from wool and silk blends, as well as statement lighting. Ingall recommends pieces from Articolo Studio [like the Articolo Float Glide Wall Sconce, pictured above] and Euroluce that have a timeless, luxury-feel design she says is well worth the investment.

“Artworks, too, or traditionally framed mirrors can complete a room or space,” Ingall says. On the art front, she recommends pieces from artist Niah Tyoneo Juella McLeod who creates Indigenous art with a modern twist.


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If you aren’t keen on or don’t have the budget for a full interior overhaul, Ingall says there are a few details you can include in your home space that’ll still help to achieve quiet luxury.

“Certain florals, like magnolias, or well-styled branches give off a timeless quiet luxury,” she says. “So does lighting that allows for ‘mood and ambience’, so opting for warm lighting as opposed to white light. You can buy warm white globes at Bunnings, and they’ll provide ambience and a warm, inviting mood. Swap out the globes of your ceiling lights, as well as table and floor lamps.”

Image: Getty Images

Finally, Ingall says scents can play an important role in creating a quiet luxury aesthetic at home. She recommends Meerboo’s range of natural scents.

“They’re earthy, but luxurious, and even look the part with brushed gold finish in the design,” she says. “My go-to scents from the brand are Olive and Thyme and Cedar Leaf.”

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