When Is the Queen’s Birthday In 2021 and Do We Get a Public Holiday?

queens birthday 2021

Now that Anzac Day is behind us — and, as it turned out, not all states and territories received an ‘observed holiday’ for the public holiday — well, we’re already looking forward to the next public holiday…one that all of us will get to enjoy.

What public holiday is that? Well, for most of us, it’s the Queen’s Birthday. Whether or not you’re a monarchist, we can’t deny the joy of getting a day off in the middle of the year. Oh, and a day that turns into a long weekend.

And in winter, when temperatures start to drop and moods sometimes accompany that downward trend — well, nothing’s more welcome than a day in which all that’s required of you is snuggling under the covers and watching some trashy TV.

So, what day is the Queen’s Birthday in 2021? Let’s break it down by state and territory, because not all celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the same day.

New South Wales

This year, NSW residents are looking at having Monday June 14 off as a public holiday.

Australian Capital Territory

Just like the state it’s housed in, the Queen’s birthday falls on June 14 and yes, it’s a public holiday that Monday in ACT as well.


Our cooler counterparts down in Victoria (we mean temperature-wise only, obviously), will also be treated to a public holiday on Monday June 14, all for the Queen’s birthday.


Our even colder friends down in Tasmania can also look forward to a public holiday on — you guessed it — Monday June 14.

South Australia

The wine connoisseurs of our country, those down in South Australia can look forward to raising a glass of wine to the Queen’s birthday — and having a day off — on Monday June 14. It’s also known as Volunteer’s Day in this state.

Western Australia

We hope you’ve stuck around this long, because it turns out that Western Australia is deviating from the June norm — the governor actually proclaims the holiday each year, either at the end of September or the beginning of October.

This year, the Queen’s birthday is occurring on Monday, September 27. But just because it’s on a different day, doesn’t mean that those in WA miss out on a day off — it’s a public holiday for them, too.

As for why it’s later in the year? It turns out that in WA, the June public holiday slot is given to Western Australia Day.

The Northern Territory

We’re back on form when it comes to the Northern Territory. Just like many of the other states and territories, the Queen’s birthday falls on Monday June 14.


Queensland is another state that doesn’t celebrate the Queen’s birthday in June. Like WA, they have it later in the year — Monday October 4. They’ve only been celebrating it this way since 2016, according to Office Holidays.

Is the Queen’s Birthday on the same day every year?

No, actually. For ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, and NT, the Queen’s birthday will be celebrated on the second Monday in June — that’s right, it’s not the same date every year. QLD takes the Monday idea, but does the first Monday in October.

As for WA? Your public holidays for the Queen’s birthday have been set for the next two years (September 26, September 25), but no news on what public holiday you’ll get for the Queen’s Birthday in 2024.

And if you’re looking for a holiday plan for the Queen’s birthday long weekend — we’ve got you sorted there, too.

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