They’ve Done It Again: Qantas’ New Vaccine Ad Is Reducing Us All to Tears

qantas vaccine ad

Qantas just dropped its vaccination ad and it’s a certified heartbreaker.

While the government have been hitting us with vaccine infomercials with all the charm of a limp salad or threatening us with severe COVID like it’s our fault we can’t access the vaccines, Australia’s national airline has produced a gut-punch of an ad to get sleeves rolled up across the country.

Qantas are famous for their stirring ads, using Peter Allen’s ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ in many of their classic campaigns.

With the rest of the world producing some highly engaging and uplifting campaigns to promote vaccination, the company have stepped up and belted their new ad right into our collective feels.

It’s a touching reminder of the power of international travel and Aussies across the country are sharing their reactions as they watch it.

If you’ve got a box of tissues to hand, here’s the ad everyone’s been weeping about.

The video tells the story of three groups of Australians all looking forward to international freedom, laying out the future that is to come with reunions, travel, and engagements.

It pulls on the heartstrings by appealing to those who have been separated from loved ones overseas and gets us ready for the day we will one day be reunited when vaccine rates are high enough in Australia.

The clip uses the Tones and I song ‘Fly Away’ and forms part of Qantas’ new “Be Rewarded” campaign that gives Frequent Fliers discounts and incentives to get vaccinated.

Its debut has caused a storm online with people relaying their response to the ad.

The campaign was a collaborative effort between creative agency Brand + Story and Qantas’ in-house content production team.

Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce, said: “Our crews can’t wait to get back to reuniting family and friends, taking people on holiday and putting some energy back into the whole tourism industry. For us, getting the vaccine rate up to 70 and 80 per cent means thousands of people can go back to work”.

Qantas has made vaccines mandatory for all employees who are eligible for the jab and have said that 75% of their staff support the measure.

Of course, others have raised concerns that air travel, not the most environmentally friendly industry, should not be leading our charge for vaccination.

There’s no word yet as to whether Qantas will open up flights to vaccinated people first, although this is certainly part of the federal government’s strategy.

International flights are expected to resume once Australia reaches Phase Four of its vaccination strategy. Phase Three comes at 80% full vaccination rate across the whole country while Phase Four is a little less clear.

Here’s hoping it’s as soon as possible.

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