Qantas Is the New Home and Away: Aircraft Engineers Will Be Going on Strike

On August 11, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 700 licensed aircraft engineers at Qantas, Jetstar, and Network Aviation have voted to do an industrial action.

The upcoming industrial action is being organised by the members of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association and could start on August 15. It may result in these engineers not working any overtime and conducting up to 12-hour work stoppages. 

This strike is because these folks want pay rises. The Qantas’ engineers want a one-off 12 percent rise, and Jetstar workers 15 percent raise over four years. Meanwhile, Network Aviation workers want a 20 percent raise over four years.

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Prior to the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association voting for this industrial action, their Assistant Federal Secretary, Peter Gill, explained why this move was warranted.

“The Qantas Group now has less debt than prior to COVID, has delivered bonuses to executives, placed orders for new aircraft, and bought new airlines and travel companies,” Gill wrote. “But at the negotiating table, times are tough.” He believed this action would give them the leverage they need to get the raises they want.

It’s also worth mentioning that while the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association voted for 12-hour work stoppages, they’re starting out with one-minute stoppages.

According to a union official, Steve Purvinas, these one-minute stoppages won’t hurt any airline or their passengers and will demonstrate the engineers “willingness to negotiate in good faith.”

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