The Headlines: A Qantas Flight Was Forced to Land in Fiji — Here’s Why

Cabin Fumes: Why a Qantas Flight Turned Back

Qantas flight QF102 didn’t make it from Fiji to Sydney on Sunday. It was instead forced to change its plans and perform an emergency landing in the Fiijian city of Nadi. To make matters worse, this was the fifth turnback landing that Qantas suffered last week.

According to preliminary investigations, crew realised that there was smoke inside the plane, sparking emergency protocols. The fumes were later found to be coming from an oven in the plane’s galley. It’s worth noting though that the investigation isn’t over as of yet.

Fortunately, Qantas has stated that none of the passengers were hurt by the fumes. Moreover, they have said that this plane had a safe landing.

Who the Heck is Chris Hipkins? New Zealand’s Next PM

In some huge news, New Zealand’s departing Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has a Labour leadership successor. And his name is Chris Hipkins. 

This man was the sole Labour party nomination for this gig. He won with a unanimous 64 votes. 

In Hipkins’ first presser, he said, “Households are hurting, families are feeling the pinch.”

“The globe is now facing a pandemic of inflation. Many things are out of kilter. You should not have to be on a six-figure salary to be able to buy a house.”

Hipkins is known for creating and implementing New Zealand’s COVID-19 elimination strategy. This plan became a gold standard for saving lives, protecting vulnerable communities, and keeping people safe.

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Has Inflation Peaked? Jim Chalmers Hopes So

Meanwhile, here in Australia, our Federal Government is saying that the cost of living crisis may have peaked. That’s right, the inflation figures that have contributed to sky-high food prices and buckwild house prices might be on the mend. This announcement came from the country’s Treasurer, Jim Chalmers.

As Chalmers said, “We hope that inflation has now peaked, and we see the peak in the December numbers that we get this week.”

However, it’s not all good news.

“Inflation is the defining challenge in our economy,” said Chalmers. “It will be higher than we’d like for longer than we’d like.”

On January 25, some specifics regarding Australia’s inflation figures will drop. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding this massive situation.

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