Qantas Is Offering a Year of Free Flights and ‘Mega Prizes’ As an Incentive to Get Vaccinated

qantas vaccine

As any Australian knows by now, we’re very behind in our vaccination rollout — in fact, our Prime Minister gave up on targets entirely. There have been discussions around incentives to convince people to get their COVID vaccination — the US has lotteries, with $1 million up for grabs, as well as offering free beer and Krispy Kremes.

Australian airline Qantas threw its hat in the ring last week, with Qantas Chief Customer officer, Stephanie Tully, publicly confirming they’re considering rewarding vaccinated people with invectives, which could consist of  “Qantas points, Qantas and Jetstar flight vouchers, or status credits for frequent flyers.”

This morning, the airline announced that they were indeed offering incentives — or, as was confirmed to Sunrise this morning, it’s going to give away a suite of “mega prizes”.

CEO Alan Joyce told Sunrise that Qantas looking at having 10 of these mega prizes — enough for one for each state and territory — “where a family of four can have unlimited free flights for a year on the Qantas and Jetstar networks.” If you have kids and you win, make sure they pick the location — the younger generation is set to be the most domestically travelled and educated generation.

In case you missed that though, we’ll repeat it for you. Unlimited free flights for a year.

In addition to this — just in case that all those free flights wasn’t enough for you — Joyce revealed that the Accor Group has come on board, and they’re offering one million Accor Points. So that’s free flights, and free accommodation sorted (at 400 hotels and resorts across Australia, according to Joyce).

If you’re wondering exactly how to apply for this (and to be honest, who in their right mind wouldn’t apply for this?), apparently rewards and competition entry will be available through the Qantas app next month.

As the Qantas CEO said, “We’re very keen to do our bit to help with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and we’re putting together the technology to be able to do this.”

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