Hang On… Have We Been Looking at the PlayStation 5 Upside Down This Whole Time?


While we repeatedly refresh our tabs in an effort to finally make it off the PlayStation 5 waitlist and score a console before Christmas, our desire to own one doesn’t necessarily stop us from critiquing the console’s appearance.

The PlayStation 4 was surely one of Sony’s most attractive units. With a sleek and compact design that seamlessly fits into just about any home entertainment set-up, the same just cannot be said for the PS5.

The new console launched with a white wing-like ‘shell’, that wouldn’t look out of place aboard the Discovery One, and with its blue glow and black interior unit… it’s loud, to say the least. Still, of course, we want it and are willing to wait for as long as it takes until there’s a restock.

With such a spacey design, it’s understandable one might not know exactly how to style the unit in their home, but we never expected the head of PlayStation Studios to get it wrong.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Hermen Hulst posted a video of his cat swiping at animations on his TV screen. Down on the TV unit, fans spotted the PS5 sitting upside down.

When the Tweet began gaining traction from people who were amused that even the head of PlayStation Studios would be unsure of how to set up the console, it was deleted and re-uploaded in new dimensions that crop out his mistake. But not before it was screenshotted by many.

playstation upside down

So, for anyone playing along at home who may be unsure of how to correctly set up the PS5 (don’t worry, it can happen to anyone!), it would seem the console is designed to either stand up vertically with the disc drive on the bottom right or lie down flat horizontally with the disc drive on the bottom right.

Both are fine depending on your preference, and both make use of an additional stand that comes with the console.

Head here to find out more about the PS5 release in Australia, and to get more information about the waitlist.

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