Where to Buy a PlayStation 5 in Australia Right Now

PlayStation 5 PS5 restock

If you’re hungry for a PS5 but can’t seem to find it anywhere, never fear; we got you.

Even though the next gen console dropped almost a year ago, fans are still struggling to cop one as retailers struggle to keep up with demand as supply-side delays continue to hamper the market. These delays don’t look to be easing up any time soon and the pace of delivery is unlikely to improve this year.

All retailers are sold out but new stock seems to be dropping in a fairly random and sporadic way. When it goes live, it’s typically sold out in a matter of minutes so it pays to keep an eye out and be quick.

Places like the Twitter account @AustraliaPs5 are great places for keeping up to date with impending drops. Signing up to a PS5 preorder list on any of the below sites is also not a bad idea if you’ve got the patience to wait it out. Not all of them will have them – officially or unofficially – but speaking to a representative on the phone may be able to get you put down on one.

Scalpers and AI bots are still a huge problem for those trying to get their hands on a PS5 and even Big W had to delay the release of a batch recently as it was nearly swamped with back-door attacks.

Before we get into where to buy your new PS5 from in Australia, now’s a good time to mention that the console region isn’t locked. This means that as long as you can get it shipped to your address, you can order it from anywhere in the world.

To help you get prepared and be one step closer to owning your own PS5, we’ve pulled together this list of retailers that are restocking and selling PS5’s in Australia.

PS5 Australia Stock

Amazon AU

Amazon had stock this morning but it sold out in a matter of minutes.

Amazon doesn’t give any advance warning but has a bunch of stock that’s coming in drips so if they sell out, your best bet is to check the site often.

Check here for the standard edition and here for the digital edition.

Sony Australia

Sony recently had a big drop of consoles but, while they’re stocking games and accessories, they’re currently out of PS5s. No news on when they might be back.

JB Hi-Fi

Online orders for JB are currently completely out but many physical retailers do have stock right now.

You have a good chance of catching the ear of a friendly salesman if you ring up your local store and enquire, even if you’re in lockdown. You can find your locals number here.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is currently taking orders in stores for PS5s. Your best bet is to call your local store and see if you can secure one.

EB Games

EB claimed to have sold out of their “2021 Shipment” at the start of the year, closing their online waitlist in the process.

However, they did have a small batch of stock in May and re-opened their waitlist accordingly for September.

Reports have surfaced that some physical retailers are taking orders in store so your best bet here is to call up your local store and ask.

The Gamesmen

Local Sydney store and Australia’s oldest independent video games retailer and trying their damn hardest but are understandably struggling to keep up. They had a stock drop at the start of August which was quickly snapped up but it’s worth keeping an eye on their socials for updates.


You can find both the PS5 Digital Edition and Disc Edition everywhere on eBay right now. Unfortunately, these are the resold consoles from scalpers so don’t feed these people if you can help it. Consoles are generally going for around $1,500, more than double what the RRP is. 


Target has been getting intermittent drops of late – a recent batch went on sale last Friday and, surprise surprise, sold out immediately.

No updates as of yet when they might have more in stock but it’s worth keeping an eye on this.

Big W

Big W have also been coming through with the goods lately. Despite being swamped by hackers in the past few weeks, they dropped a delayed batch of 2000 consoles last week.

No word yet on when more could arrive but the website indicates they will be “back online soon”. Big W always update their stock at 10am on a Thursday so it’s worth setting a reminder here.


Currently out of stock and no word on when they might be back.


If you’re happy to switch plans, Vodaphone is offering PS5s to existing customers with at least two current Vodaphone plans. That could be internet, tablet, or mobile plans and the company is offering this with a monthly repayment service.

Stock has recently been updated here so it’s worth giving them a ring to find out.

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