A PS5 Restock Is Coming This Week, Here’s What You Need To Know

PlayStation 5 PS5 restock

If you’re hungry for a PS5 but can’t seem to find it anywhere, never fear; we got you.

According to multiple PlayStation 5 stockists, they are continuing to restock this week after last year’s record sales. 

Before we get into where to buy your new PS5 from in Australia, now’s a good time to mention that the console region isn’t locked. This means that as long as you can get it shipped to your address, you can order it from anywhere in the world.

We’ll also do our best to advise you on how to best prepare for your purchase, so that when the restock comes flooding in, you’ll be able to ring up a system and not be totally (and unfairly) beaten by AI Scalper bots and overrun by crappy online stores. 

To help you get prepared and be one step closer to owning your own PS5, we’ve pulled together a list of stockists that are restocking and selling PS5’s in Australia:

Amazon AU

Amazon rolled out “global” PS5 stock at the start of the month with savvy customers placing orders in different counties. They had another restock last week, which is now sold out but promises more to come. Amazon doesn’t give any advance warning, so your best bet is to check the site often.

Sony Australia

Both versions of the Sony PS5 have sold out at the Australian store, but there were more consoles available on the US site last week, so keep checking as the Aus site is likely to get another influx.

JB Hi Fi

Although the consoles are now listed as “out of stock”, the store actually recommends that you regularly check back. They should be getting more in the coming weeks.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman’s pre-orders are all out, but they have “more coming soon” so they’re a definite contender to keep your eyes on. 

EB Games

Don’t bother with EB! Not only have they sold out of both consoles, but they’ve sold out of their “2021 Shipment” as well. Waiting for months after the release is what EB Games would need you to do, and that is not what a gamer’s dreams are made of.

The Gamesmen

It’s all quiet on the Gamesmen front. Their December shipment was raided by desperate gamers and no new stock on the horizon.


You can find PS5 Digital Edition everywhere on eBay right now! Go ham.

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