New PS5 VR Controllers Promise a Big Future For Virtual Reality Gaming

playstation 5 controllers

The Playstation 5 is really making waves for Sony, seeing them breaking barriers with their design, creativity and technology. 

The highly anticipated PSVR 2, a new virtual reality system, promises to expand the way virtual-reality games are played with a deeper immersion and physical presence within the games. 

In this latest announcement, the new PS5 VR is said to feature completely new controllers, designed to have better tracking and more functionality than the PSVR’s PS Move controllers.

Having dropped breadcrumbs of what to expect from the new PSVR headset, Sony is sticking to their word, especially on the most talked-about features of the upcoming controller, incorporating “key features in the DualSense wireless controller” and adapting them to VR play. The new controllers will take advantage of the nuanced adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, changing how the games look as well as how they feel.

Basically, the controller is designed to act as the VR version of you, in every sense possible; speech, movement and triggers, making the whole experience as realistic as possible.

The new design is focused on allowing players to hold the controller naturally without any constraints, allowing for ultimate playing control, maximising ergonomics and balance so that hand movements feel easy no matter the hand size.

The button placement is carefully thoughts out in a way that makes interacting with the games more intuitive, highlighting their aim to design a game and controller that feels like a part of you so that you can be fully immersed in the world of the game.

Key features defining the new PS5 VR controller that focus on immersion are resistance-heavy adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is finger touch detection, allowing for more natural gestures, and tracking, to better calibrate the headset and controllers for quicker response.

For now, that’s what we know. More details should be released as the launch date nears, but for now, things are looking promising for the tech world of Virtual Reality and gaming, wouldn’t you say?

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