13 Products We Impulse-Bought (and Ended Up Loving) During Lockdown

Lockdown shopping

With many of us in Australia currently in lockdown 2.0 (or 37.0 for those living in Melbourne), we’ve got a lot more free time on our hands. Time that we’re using to buy things. And, for our team in particular, it was a lot of things.

So, if you too are looking to shop (and with that, help to support the economy), but aren’t quite sure what to buy, we thought it might be worth sharing some of those items with you. From a fluro-pink vibrator by Lily Allen, to bougie handwash and a special bucket to help you with your washing, these are the 13 products you too just might be needing in lockdown.

A Strucket

“Not that exciting, but I bought a Strucket. I was facing mountains of soaking made by my eight-month-old and was influenced by @thenotsoperfectmom. She has three kids and has a better handle on her washing. Also, they are mad on the retargeting ads so it got me after the third time.”

Allison Charles, Senior Account Manager

A vibrator

Image: Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen

“A new vibrator. I was hearing heaps about suction vibrators and wanted to try one, so I got Lily Allen’s Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen one – it’s great. Also, I’m not getting my usual fix of going and flirting with bartenders and the general public, so I felt I needed to treat myself to something saucy. Oh, and it’s a great way to boost endorphins on a bad day or a mental health drop during lockdown.”

Laura Roscioli, Culture Producer

Gaming consoles

“The first lockdown saw a number of changes to my home aesthetic. I knitted a rug, I bought desk chairs, and I (ambitiously) got a white couch. In lockdown 2.0, I’m finding I just want to relax and am allowing myself the space to do nothing and be OK with it. I got not one, but two gaming consoles — a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch. The latter is my favourite and I’m enjoying playing Super Mario Party while drinking cocktails at the end of the week.”

Katie Skelly, Lifestyle Editor

Smart undies

Step One bamboo undies. I bought like 15 pairs over Christmas last year and my birthday this year — got me with the bamboo lining, cash back guarantee and bulk-buy discount.”

Kevin Armendariz, Agency Partnerships Executive

Expensive booze

Manly gin
Image: Manly Spirits Co. Distillery

“Last Christmas during lockdown in the Northern Beaches, my partner Alex bought me the most divine rose gold cocktail shaker and instruments, so I was inspired to start experimenting with mixology and inventing my own cocktails. We joked that my ‘bar’ was called Le Petit Pomme as an homage to the fact I lived in NYC for 12 years. This lockdown, we bought Oban Whiskey and also a really nice gin from Manly Spirits, which is around the corner from us. Plus, plenty of nice bottles of wine.”

Lyndsey Rodrigues, Entertainment Editor

A glass water bottle

“I would’ve bought this if we weren’t in lockdown, too. But being at home 24/7 and wanting chilled water (my favourite drink), I finally remembered to buy one on a recent (and actually, only in the last few weeks because #lockdownlife) trip to Kmart.”

Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

Bougie hand wash

“If I’m going to be at home washing my hands non-stop I may as well indulge in a little at-home luxury so I got this rose hand wash by Byredo.”

Amanda Bardas, Publisher

A silk sleeping cap

“I bought a silk sleeping cap. I wanted to really take care of my hair during lockdown and I read that silk sleeping caps reduce hair breakage while you sleep. I’ve noticed my hair is less frizzy and so much more manageable than when I don’t use it.”

Basmah Qazi, Entertainment Producer

A cutting machine

“I also bought a Cricut. I wanted to try my hand at DIYing, but I haven’t actually gotten around to it yet. You can create stickers and vinyls with it — and cute personalised items.”

Basmah Qazi, Entertainment Producer

Fluffy bathrobes

“My housemates and I all bought these Sussan fluffy bathrobes. Mainly because our house is super cold and we wanted a change of outfit from our Kathmandu puffer jackets. Now we also put them on for fun and sip Champagne in them.”

Nicola Laing, Strategy & Content Manager

Fresh flowers

Image: Eden + Bell

“I ordered myself some flowers from Eden + Bell to brighten up my working-from-home desk. Sophie was my florist for my wedding and she’s a small business owner so I also wanted to support where I could. I was influenced after seeing all of her beautiful arrangements all over my Instagram and she’s doing free and contactless delivery within 15km.”

Valentina Todoroska, Managing Editor

A proper chair 

“When I found out we would be working from home and after suffering most of the last lockdown without one, I invested in a proper chair from IKEA. It makes me so happy and excited to sit at my desk. I like that it also doesn’t look like a typical desk chair and is a bit stylish.”

Valentina Todoroska, Managing Editor

A keyboard and mouse 

“Same as the chair, typing on my laptop wasn’t great for my posture so I invested in a proper keyboard, mouse and computer stand for my laptop.”

Valentina Todoroska, Managing Editor

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