The 5 Apps That Productive People Use (No, Instagram Isn’t on There)

productivity apps

Productivity is a double-edged sword, to say the least. Individual benefits of productivity include focus, control, setting — and then smashing — goals, motivation, personal growth and more.

But as we’ve seen in the last year, there’s a fine line between productivity and permanent busyness, which can easily tip over to toxic productivity. And what does that lead to? Stress. Something us Australian workers know pretty well.

The workplace isn’t the only place where we push ourselves to the limit of productivity though, we can do the same in our personal lives. In fact, we’re finding it difficult to navigate work-life balance as well.

Sometimes, we need the help of an external source to keep us in check, keep us productive, and keep us balanced — cut down the time we waste and allow us to take that time and instead focus on things that truly matter.

That external source? Apps, of course! Let’s be honest, your phone is probably within a foot of you right now — if not, it’s acting as your right-hand man (or left-hand man, if you’re in that 10%).

Here are five apps that can help you save time, and be your most productive self — in a way that allows you to be your best self, not your busiest self:

Productivity App #1: Dropbox Passwords

Free up your mental space. This mobile app will store and sync all your passwords across devices from Netflix accounts to sensitive health records and online banking details. Let a password manager take the pain out of being secure while online so you have one less thing to worry about.

Not only will you have quicker access to websites, services and accounts as it’ll automatically log you in, but you can easily and securely share your passwords with family members or partners.

Productivity App #2: Todoist

Todoist is a productivity app that will help you organise work and life. This to-do list and task manager combines tasks, projects, comments, attachments and notifications while allowing Todoist users streamline their personal and team productivity to work more effectively.

Productivity App #3: Platejoy

A meal-planning app for healthy eating for busy people. Access custom meal plans, personalised recipes and grocery lists to help you save time without compromising on your healthy lifestyle.

Productivity App #4: Homebudget with Sync

Everything you need to help you keep track of your spending and find the perfect balance between income and expenses.

Not only will you have the ability to store a photo of a receipt and easy access to digest charts, but you can also access all the budget information in the cloud from different devices, allowing your whole family to keep track of a collective budget.

Productivity App #5: Waze

If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your next destination, Waze is your new best friend. The app will save you time by delivering real-life traffic and road updates of actual drivers so you can get from point A to B quickly.

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