Are You Eligible for Vic’s $250 Power Saving Bonus?

Electricity prices: They’re just a bunch of naughty words at the moment, aren’t they? What are they doing so high? Who told them that they could climb up there?

However, while this problem could be quelled with solar panels and wind turbines, the Victorian Government is delivering some short-term relief to its citizens. These folks are offering everyone a $250 power-saving rebate that can be used to lower a power bill.

As Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, said, “We know Victorians are doing it tough with the rising cost of energy, that’s why we’ll have a new round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus, putting money in families’ pockets and making sure they’re on the best deal.”

“We’re driving down bills and putting power back in Victorians’ hands by bringing back the State Electricity Commission and delivering cheap, clean, sustainable energy.”

What’s more, these power-saving rebates aren’t promises of a distant future. You can apply for one right now. Here are all of the important deets.

Bonus Eligibility

To be eligible for one of these bonuses, you must:

  • Be a Victorian resident.
  • Have a residential electricity account.
  • Be the main holder of this account.
  • Apply for only one bonus this year.

And that’s about it. Additionally, if you applied for a $250 Power Saving Bonus last year, you’re allowed to apply again. 

“Every Victorian household is eligible,” said Andrews, “even if you’ve received it before.”

The $250 Power Saving Bonus: How to Apply

To score a Power Saving Bonus, you have to head to Victorian Energy Compare’s website. You’ll then need to put in your details, and you’ll then receive some info about the cheapest electricity that’s in your area. 

Additionally, if there’s a better deal where you live, you can choose to switch providers. However, it’s worth noting that your bonus isn’t dependent on doing so.

Yet again, that’s about it. Victorian Energy Compare has made this process relatively painless. 

“The application process will take five to ten minutes of your time,” said Victorian Energy Compare, and you will need to have a recent electricity bill with you.”

If you want to go to the Victorian Energy Compare website, then a handy link to it is right here.

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