This Pop-Up Tiny Home Can Be Assembled in One Hour


Whether you’re looking to rent an off-grid tiny home for a weekend or build one of your own, no doubt a luxe stay in a remote dwelling among nature is high up on your travel bucket list.

As a travel trend, tiny homes are showing no signs of slowing. In fact, after a year spent predominantly indoors, it seems travellers can’t wait to take advantage of the safe and remote nature of a tiny home escape.

Their sheer popularity means travellers are having to join waitlists and book escapes months in advance, while others even look to build their own tiny homes in Australia.

Now though, we’re being presented with yet another alternative: a pop-up tiny home that’s easily assembled in just one hour.

US startup Jupe is the brains behind this off-grid tiny home of the same name. With a design that draws inspiration from iconic sci-fi films, the Jupe is sent flat-packed to be assembled on the spot by two adults in one hour.

At 10sqm, it’s certainly on the compact side, however, can fit a queen bed, two bedside tables, a designer desk, chair and ottoman, all of which come included in the cost. To make up for its small interior space, the unit’s wooden floors can open up to reveal enough storage space to fit 10 suitcases.

Each unit comes complete with a 200 amp-hour off-grid battery and solar array, four electrical outlets, USB charging stations, a private wi-fi network and a dimmable LED lighting system.

Should you wish to, you can even add on luxurious amenities that include a Sonos Move speaker with integrated Alexa capabilities, a locking safe, a porch.


“Experiencing the natural wonders of the world shouldn’t mean being forced to disconnect while staying in a less-than-inspirational living space,” says Jeff Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Jupe.

“Jupe is an out-of-this-city getaway inspired by out-of-this-world ideas. During these times when most of us are craving a true escape, Jupe provides an experience perfectly suited for socially distanced travel.”

While many tiny homes take on a quaint and cosy appearance, the Jupe’s intergalactic design is informed by futuristic films including 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“We turned to ideas that inspired and excited us. Remember that monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey”? It last sent signals to Jupiter from the moon. It seems that a few of those blueprints were bounced back to Earth. We intercepted them and created Jupe.”

The all-white interior gives the tiny home a modern feel inside, while a glowing geometric exterior frame provides a structure for the fire-resistant canvas that protects the contents inside. At nightfall, the tiny dwelling appears striking in any setting.


The Jupe is available for a refundable pre-order now for US $99 (AU $130.50). The Jupe’s base cost is US $17,500 (AU $23,066). Constructed in Los Angeles, the units should be ready for shipping in March 2021.

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