Finally, a Cool and Non-Ugly Inflatable Pool to Save You During Heatwaves


If you’ve wanted a pool in your backyard since primary school days, join the club. The cool kids always had pools! 

Although our parents tried, inflatable pools were never the same. Let’s be honest, they’re notoriously tacky (and not in the fetch early ’00s way), with their ugly cartoon fish, rubber ducks, transparent sides and cheap materials. 

Well, guess what? Not anymore. 

We are thrilled to announce that finally, a cute inflatable pool exists. And it comes in five fab designs.

From the founders of popular Melbourne furniture label, Barnaby Lane, comes Pool Buoy, born during the isolated COVID-19 lockdowns to bring some juicy well-designed fun to your backyard. 

Pool Buoy

The pools are environmentally friendly, with all designs made from non-toxic, heavyweight vinyl that is BPS, phthalate and lead-free, this Pool Buoy is guaranteed to deliver during heatwaves. 

The new Pool Buoy range consists of five cheeky designs, as described via its press release:

Kinky Splash – Her stage name. Burnt Orange. Flamingo Pink. A backyard baptism. Rumour has it, Courtney Love’s on the shortlist for godmother. Best served with a Spritz of course.

Luigui Lovegood – Italian by name and appearance. He might look chiselled like terrazzo but Luigi is comfy like your favourite togs. Or go commando. We doubt Luigi will mind. Best served with aperitivos. 

Wavy Bjorne – Bjorne’s design-minded and ready for the weekend. That’s when he loses the turtleneck to reveal glistening pecs and smudged-up specs. To be enjoyed while discussing world politics.

Peachy Pat – Life is just peachy. The envy of all of her friends. Peachy Pat is the spot for squiggles, giggles and endangering your portable electronic devices. Fill her up, grid yourself in. Your peach granitas are on the way. 

Call Me Jackie – Jacqueline to you. Jackie to her inner circle. She may look like she has a plan but she is winging it just like the rest of us. Dive in. Just not head first. Best paired with an Old Fashioned – sandwich of course.

Pool Buoy

Along with its clear environmentally conscious perks, using durable and sustainable materials means that your pool quality will be far superior to inflatable pools of the past. Even still, if you spring a leak at any stage – even if it’s in 2030 – you can get it repaired free of charge. 

Plus, Pool Buoy has partnered with a local provider to safely recycle your pool – so you have absolutely no reason to bin it. 

For more information/to purchase a funky-ass pool because it’s 30 degrees today and you need a Piña Colada paradise type of afternoon, go to Pool Buoy now and get yours for $149. 

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