Everything We Learnt From Pink’s Documentary ‘All I Know So Far’

pink all i know so far

Pink isn’t the first musician to release a documentary about themselves, or about the going ons of one of their tours. We have Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana, Justin Bieber has his (dated) Never Say Never, and his more recent Seasons, Demi Lovato has their Dancing With The Devil, and One Direction has This Is Us. It’s not a new phenomenon, but do any of these artists have the same career history as Pink?

Pink, real name Alecia Moore, has been performing for over two decades — her first song There You Go came out in 2000. It’s older than Gen Z; this isn’t a comment on her age, but her career longevity. And now there’s a behind-the-scenes look at her most recent concert tour entitled the Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s exactly how you can watch All I Know So Far. And whether or not you have found time to tune in and marvel at her ability to belt bangers while simultaneously performing spectacular acrobatics — Pink is a trained gymnast — The Latch is here to break down everything we learnt from watching the documentary.

Pink Takes Her Kids With Her on Tour

Pink brings her two children, nine-year-old daughter Willow and two-year-old son Jameson, with her on tour. In fact, Willow sung on her mum’s recent songs, Cover Me in Sunshine. It’s not a surprise, as Pink seems to be a pretty dedicated mum — albeit one that’s balancing a lot of plates.

One thing the singer revealed about her relationship with her kids is that when Willow was born, and on her first day of kindergarten, she wrote her letters, only to be read in the future.

She Fulfills Mum Duties as Soon as She Gets Off Stage

One thing that Pink made sure to point out was that her touring with her kid is not normal, saying towards the beginning of the film that a lot of mums “when they become mums and they tour, they stop touring because you can’t imagine being able to do both.”

As we see in the documentary, her daughter zooms around on a hoverboard during concert rehearsals; her son interrupts conversations about the show. Post-concert, Pink is being chased around by her toddler. Other parenting duties she helps undertake? Changing nappies, coaxing her daughter to get dressed, telling off her son — the same as any other parent, just while travelling the world.

Hubby Carey Hart Is a Constant Source of Support

Hart may be the muse behind Pinks kiss-off anthem So What, but the couple has done some serious work on strengthening their relationship and has come out even stronger for it. In fact, during the documentary, the rockstar calls Hart “incredibly patient” as well as her “rock.” Pink commends her husband for his efforts, saying it’s impressive how he supports her how he does, and that someone else would need more “ego-stroking”.

Hart, who is a former motocross racing champ, says one of the best lessons he learned was that “there’s a bigger world out there than just dirt bikes” and that although he was “a big fish in my little pond”, appearing on the red carpet often humbled him (with photographers calling him every other name except Carey).

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