7 of the Easiest Picnic Rugs to Roll Up and Carry Home After an Al Fresco Feast

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A good picnic rug can really set the scene of an outdoor dining situation, making it that much more picturesque and cohesive of a setup. They can also protect you from grass stains, make you feel more comfy and keep the food clear of bugs.

That said, picnic rugs can also be a hassle to lug to a park or wherever you’re having your picnic and then pack away after. There are options though that can make it a lot easier — they’re made from thinner material that can easily be folded and put away in a handbag or picnic basket or they come with straps and a handle so can be toted around.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best options that’ll not only add more style to your picnic but that you also won’t dread rolling up and carrying home after.

Business & Pleasure Co. The Beach Blanket, $129.99

Hand-loomed in Pakistan, this beach blanket is fast drying, durable, and breathable. It’s in an extra-large, family-friendly size (168x168cm), and comes with a cotton and leather carry strap.

Picnic rug

Kollab Picnic Mat Confetti, $109.95

This mat is 2x2m when open but can fold up to be 37x27x9cm. It comes with an adjustable strap that you can put around it when folded so it’s even easier to pack away. The mat is also water-resistant and has a foam lining that makes it more comfy to lie on.

Kollab picnic mat

Ela & Earth Picnic Rug Daisy, $94.95

This picnic rug has a waterproof backing and quilted detailing. It’s durable yet soft and is big enough to fit four people. When you’re done using it, roll it up and secure it with an included canvas and leather-look carry strap.

Gingham Oversized Picnic Blanket, $33.88

This picnic blanket can fit eight adults at 2×1.5cm. It has folds that make it easy to carry when folded up. It’s also waterproof and stain resistant.

Picnic rug blanket

Hendeer Eights Days A Week’ Woven Picnic Rug, $159

This woven tapestry blanket comes in two sizes — 130x160cm and 170x200cm — both lightweight enough to be able to easily pack into a gym bag or handbag and take home.

Chusei Sandproof Picnic Blanket, $73.89

Choose from three sizes and various colours of this picnic blanket. It comes with a flap on the end that you can use to hold its folding.

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