Petitions You Can Sign to Support Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Following the death of George Floyd, a number of protests have taken place around the world in support of Black Lives Matter.

In Australia, protestors around the country are taking to their cities on June 6 in solidarity with the US as well as highlighting issues on a local level.

For some, protesting will be a way of remembering lost loved ones, while others are standing up for the rights of Indigenous people around the world.

Attending protests and showing up to make your voice heard alongside that of a crowd is one of the single most effective ways for white allies, however, if you are unable to attend, and are looking for another effective way to support, you can do so, from behind your computer screen.

Here are some petitions which you can sign in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Justice for George Floyd

This petition is the largest in change.org’s history, with more than 15.6 million signatures (at the time of publication) and counting.

Sign the Justice for George Floyd petition here.


These were the last words of 46-year-old Floyd — and this petition is another that has been organised to find justice for him.

“When one of us can’t breathe, none of us can breathe,” the petition reads.

Sign the petition and donate to #WeCantBreathe here.

George Floyd
We Can’t Breathe.