You Can Now Print Your Pup’s Face on a Puzzle


Just like every other pet parent out there, we too are obsessed with our dogs. We’d do just about anything to make their tails wag, whether it’s painstakingly painting them a brand new collar, or embroidering their faces on the clothes we wear.

Now, it seems we have a new way to honour our pets and simultaneously stare at them for hours on end (our favourite activity), with these personalised pet puzzles.

Smoochy Poochy (flawless name, am I right?), is an Australian made and owned online gift shop for lovers of pets. While the platform has countless products for dogs and cats, including custom leads, dog costumes, and “best man” cufflinks for weddings, a most popular product in isolation has been the customisable pet puzzles.

It’s simple really. You hop into the site and upload a picture of your choosing. It can be a selfie with you and your pet, a professional portrait, or a nostalgic photo of them as a puppy or kitten. Next, you choose your puzzle size and piece preference.

There are heaps of options available, and of course, the higher the piece count, the more challenging your puzzle will be. For kids and beginners, a 12-piece puzzle is the go, but for professional dissectologists (also known as a person who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly), then the 1000-piece puzzle is ideal.

Don’t fret though, because there are puzzles of all sizes in between. we’re talking 30, 60, 100, 200, 300 and 500-piece puzzles, plus more in between those.

At a slightly higher cost, you can have the good people of Smoochy Poochy create a collage puzzle for you of four photos, perfect for when you’re struggling to choose just one pic.

Prices range from $28.25 and climb to $69.95. Head over to Smoochy Poochy now to order yours.

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