Finally, a Personalised MILO Tin for Choccie Milk Lovers This Christmas


Sharing is caring, except when it comes to MILO. While family-value tins exist, your jumbo MILO tin is better off hidden from family members, roommates and your partner to avoid an unexpected and day-ruining run-out.

Now, though, your stingy pals will have no excuse to steal your MILO with the news Nestlé is launching personalised tins this Christmas. Kicking off today, MYMILO is giving choccie milk lovers the opportunity to brand their name (or a family member’s) on a 460g tin of the stuff.

Even better, by personalising a tin of MILO, you can choose one of eight limited-edition designed labels to print on. MILO says its new initiative is “the perfect way to spoil yourself, a loved one, neighbour, teacher or anyone important in your life this festive season”.

To get your hands on one, you’ll just need to head over to the MYMILO site. Here, you can personalise your tin with a name up to 11 characters, and select your label design from themes like ‘Aussie Summer’, ‘Holiday Sweater’ and ‘Sports’.

Once created, the personalised tin can be delivered anywhere in Australia in special MILO-themed packaging, ready to be placed under the tree (if you can wait that long).

Every tin costs $11.99 plus and additional $8 for nationwide shipping.

As for how you or your loved one enjoys their MILO? Well, that’s up to them. A social media debate in 2020 set out to determine whether cold MILO or hot MILO was best, and after a poll of almost 90,000 votes, a clear winner was determined.

According to MILO’s results, a whopping 65% say prefer cold MILO, but results varied by state and territory for factors like weather.

In the Northern Territory, 100% of MILO drinkers preferred a cold glass. 72% of Queenslanders also opted for chilled MILO, while more temperate states leaned only slightly towards cold. People from South Australia (67%), New South Wales (66%), Victoria (61%), Western Australia (60%), and Tasmania (54%) all preferred cold.

In fact, the only state or territory to prefer hot MILO was the Australian Capital Territory, with hot MILO receiving 52% of votes.

You can get your personalised MILO tin at MYMILO now.

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