5 of the Best Personal Development Courses and Sessions You Can Do Virtually

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Many of us in these rounds of lockdown have found ourselves completely demotivated. It’s as if our enthusiasm in lockdown 1.0 has burnt us out. We’re no longer feeling inspired to do virtual workouts, bake bread and spend hours catching up with our friends and family on the Houseparty app.

So, what to do? While it’s important to remember that we’re in the middle of a world crisis and that we should never be forcing ourselves to fill our free time with activities just for the sake of it, that said — lockdown really is the perfect time to work on your personal development.

Not only will it make sure you emerge from lockdown a better version of you, but it’ll also help to keep you motivated and give you a sense of direction — both will do wonders for your mental health when you’re stuck at home.

Convinced and ready to learn? Ahead, we’ve listed some courses to try.

The Science of Well-Being

This free course run by Yale University in the US went viral last year, and, with its promise of increasing your own happiness by building more productive habits, it’s not hard to see why. Run by Professor Laurie Santos, the free course consists of videos, readings and quizzes, which can be done at your own leisure or throughout its planned 10 weeks.

Super Session With Selph

While the Australian government has temporarily given Medicare cardholders an additional 10 sessions with a psychologist a year, allowing a total of 20 sessions annually, if you want to take your therapy one step further, consider booking a virtual Super Session ($299) from holistic health studio Selph. Led by DNA emotional practitioner, Leanne Magoulias, and Neuro-Emotional Technique-accredited, Dr Evan Sgammotta, the hour-long session aims to help you to achieve life and emotional breakthroughs.

Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most

Another free course offered on Coursera, ‘Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most’ helps you to find your purpose in life by having you listen to individuals who found theirs, as well as walking you through different exercises. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply your newfound skills to find your life purpose, while also staying connected to it every day.

The Journey of Self Discovery — You Can Learn Who You Are

Similar to Coursera’s Finding Purpose course, ‘The Journey of Self Discovery – You Can Learn Who You Are’ course ($12.99) by Brent Dalley will help you develop more self-awareness so that you can identify your life purpose. By the end of it, you’ll really be able to understand the importance of healthy living habits and will have a good grasp on techniques you can use to better handle changes in life.

Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain

One of the most popular personal development courses on online course portal Udemy, ‘Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brains’ ($26.99) will teach you to develop mental flexibility, change your habits and stop procrastination. Created by Gregory Caremans of the Brain Academy, it’ll give you a good enough understanding of neuroplasticity so that’ll be able alter memories in order to neutralise their emotional charge.

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