Pepsi Lovers Can Now DIY Their Own Soft Drink at Home


Soft drink is a sometimes drink. Though an ice-cold glass of Pepsi should never replace your water intake, no one can deny its delicious pairing with a margarita pizza or homemade burgers (especially on hungover Sundays).

Previously, the only way to enjoy soft drink at home was to buy bottles of the stuff. Fine once in a while, but the practice becomes pretty wasteful when you find yourself throwing out plastic bottles more frequently.

Well, the solution to both your wasteful bottle tossing and your occasional cravings for cola is here with the news SodaStream has teamed up with PepsiCo for at-home soft drink syrups, that taste just like your favourite drinks when added to carbonated water.

There are five flavours available: Pepsi Max, Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda and Mountain Dew. The syrups work to flavour a 1L bottle of sparkling water after its made instantly in a SodaStream machine.

Image: SodaStream

“Pepsi for SodaStream flavours is the result of two key players in the beverages industry coming together for the first time in Australia,” says managing director of SodaStream Australia, Mark Fenton.

“Now, more than ever, Australians are craving the instant gratification that comes from living life on-demand, and Pepsi for SodaStream flavours delivers that at the touch of a button. Aussies can get the great taste by mixing it with sparkling water, while also feeling good about saving thousands of single-use plastic bottles.”

And it’s true going down this avenue would save heaps of plastic bottles from entering recycle bins, or landfill if they’re disposed of incorrectly. Each syrup bottle contains enough flavouring to make nine litres of drink, which is definitely enough to cater your weekend pizza party.

New Pepsi for SodaStream flavoured syrups can be found at major supermarkets now at $7 each.

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