Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison Will Add Hotel Suites As Part of a Multi-Million Dollar Development

The foreboding front gate of Pentridge Prison.
Photo: Michael J Fromholtz

Melbourne’s notorious Pentridge Prison has been closed for more than 20 years. The temporary home of many famous Melbourne criminals including Mark ‘Chopper’ Reade, the last man executed in Australia, Ronald Ryan, and many others, will become a major tourist destination in the coming years thanks to funding from owner Shayher Group, and National Trust.

Parts of Pentridge are as they were when it closed in 1997, and visitors will be able to tour the old bluestone prison cells of Divisions, A, B, and H2. Some of B Division’s cells will become part of a new 19 suite hotel which will be run by Adina, a spokesperson told The Age.

The prison will have both AR, and VR displays and the former warders’ residence will become home to a new visitors centre.

Pandemic aside, National Trust plans on opening the new tourist areas of Pentridge Prison in spring of 2022.

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