Arch Digest Named 10 On-Their-Way-Out Interior Trends, and It’s Bad News For Bouclé


This week, interiors experts Architectural Digest shared a list of 10 interior design trends they’re quitting in 2023, dubbing it “the only ‘out’ list that matters”.

When it comes to interiors, we here in Australia dance to the beat of our own drums, capitalising on our moderate climate and strong beach culture. That being said, it’s always good to see what trending in homes elsewhere around the world.

“Yes, trends come and go, but at the end of the day, taste is subjective, and there’s no room for the negative projections of others in spaces that make you feel safe, happy and true to yourself — however the interiors are decorated,” notes the author.

That said, what are the home trends predicted to be on-the-way-out next year? Well, unsurprisingly, bouclé was mentioned with the advice: “Chill on the bouclé”.

Bouclé was everywhere for a moment, but the time has come to try something else,” the article reads. “The deliberately pill-y fabric has its place — I myself am the owner of a much-beloved bouclé sectional sofa – but certainly not in every home.”

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Another sofa mention? Chesterfield sofas. The author noted that while the Chesterfield sofa is undeniably charming and an easy way to achieve the modern farmhouse trend it predicts will continue to dominate in 2023, when it comes to the sofa, it might be time to give it a bit of a break.

“With the grandma-chic SoHo House aesthetic sweeping the stage of perhaps one too many homes these days — with the Chesterfield front and centre — we’re interested in seeing different ways of pulling off this rustic, homey look.”

Chesterfield sofa
Image: Getty Images

What are some other ways to achieve the grandma-chic aesthetic, you ask? The author helpfully suggests going lighter and loftier, or more eclectic and homey.

Next up on the ‘out’ list? Duped-to-death designs. You probably wouldn’t even know the names of the original pieces and their designers, but you’d definitely recognise the pieces if you saw them.

“You’ve most likely seen all of these items in countless homes; unclear whether real or replica,” writes the author. “And yes, the originals are timeless design staples—making their dupes ripe for the picking — that will never completely go out of style, but we’re very over the lack of originality.”

Instead of purchasing a knockoff for a suspiciously mid-tier price, consider commissioning something unique from an emerging designer, or consult a trusted vintage furniture dealer, the writer suggests.

So, what other trends could soon be on their way out? Ahead, are the other seven the writer named, but again, take this with a grain of salt and remember that, at the end of the day, your space should remain true to you so you feel most comfortable in it.

Blobby everything everywhere.

Squeaky clean kitchens.

Open floor plans.

All-white and gloomy greige interiors.

Color-coordinated decor.

Non-functional objects.

TV-centered living rooms.

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