On-Nomi Is the New Japanese Term for Digital Drinking With Friends


In an effort to flatten the curve and reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in Australia, we’re being told to stay at home, avoid mass gatherings, and practice social distancing.

Necessary measures, yes, but this means a fairly significant blow our social lives — at least the social lives we’re used to.

Now, though, more and more of us are seeking creative ways to hang out virtually, whether by FaceTiming friends on the regular, creating digital movie clubs, or our favourite: scheduling a nightly drinking party in a movement the Japanese are calling On-Nomi.

On-Nomi translates to ‘online drinking’. The term was coined by a group of fourty-something women who began meeting online in groups of around 10 or more on a video conferencing platform, according to a Vice article based on a story from Japanese news site Asahi Shimbun.

It’s said one woman began the movement when she set up a Zoom call and began texting friends to join in with a drink. They’d chat about the lives in self-isolation and down a post-workday bevvy — many chose a Corona beer.

Now, it appears the movement has caught on with many other groups setting up their own On-Nomi calls while practising social distancing.

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