What Exactly Makes a Mattress Sustainable? Let Us Explain

When it comes to living a more sustainable life, the challenge can feel insurmountable. We prefer to focus on the little changes we can make in our day-to-day that can make a big difference to the planet — one example is selecting a more eco-friendly mattress the next time you need to upgrade.

If you want to get your best night’s sleep and make a real difference to the planet, OMF’s Ocean Choice 7 is a good mattress to consider. Its sleek top layer is made from Seaqual fabric, created by removing polluting PET bottles from our oceans and recycling them into a soft textile that all but guarantees sweet dreams.

That’s good news for anyone who cares about sustainability and a clean ocean, as well as getting some seriously comfortable sleep. Seaqual mattresses include unique comfort features that are designed to help you wake up feeling your best. Allow us to introduce you to a sustainable mattress that’s caught our eye.

Green Dreams

OMF is proud to be part of the Seaqual Initiative, a community of individuals, organisations and companies working together to help clean up our oceans and raise awareness of marine litter. The Ocean Choice 7 mattress takes advantage of a revolutionary technological advancement that upcycles marine plastic into a soft, stretchable textile fabric that feels like a dream to sleep on.

OMF’s new eco-friendly mattress is also internationally certified by OEKO-TEX as compliant to standard 100 and designed to protect our planet for future generations. Because we all want to do our part to help build a better tomorrow, that’s sure to help you sleep more soundly at night.

The sustainable Ocean Choice 7 is the first of many new-generation mattresses for OMF, a company that is challenging the industry in mattress innovation.

Comfort and Flexibility

Choosing a mattress made with smart, sustainable technology doesn’t mean sacrificing even a tiny bit of comfort. The Ocean Choice 7 mattress features seven zoned and individually wrapped pocket springs that give your whole body the support it needs.

If you prefer a mattress that’s firm but still a little cushy, you’ll love the medium-firm feel that cocoons your body and the motion-friendly design that means you can sleep undisturbed when your partner goes to bed later or gets up earlier than you.

To help you get a dreamy night’s rest, with 100 per cent comfort, the Ocean Choice 7 mattress also features side supports that ensure less roll-out. OMF does even more to create a comfortable sleep experience for you by including two removable layers of both soft and hard foam underneath the Seaqual Fabric top layer, which can be shifted around or added to customise the firmness. If you want an extra layer of softness, you can also add the Latex Layer, Gel Visco Layer and even Charcoal Visco Layer, all available to shop separately and finished in a zipped, non-woven fabric.

Guaranteed Rest

OMF makes it easy to start getting the good night’s sleep you deserve with online ordering and convenient packaging in a box that’s delivered to you. So you can keep your new Ocean Choice 7 spotless for a lifetime, and rest easy knowing spills won’t affect your mattress, they also offer you a removable top layer (purchased separately) that can be unzipped in a matter of seconds for cleaning.

Plus, a 10-year warranty ensures you’re getting long-term value and performance so you can sleep better each and every night. Of course, while we’ve done most of the hard work for you, there is one tough decision that you will need to make – whether to choose a double or queen.

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