The Two-Ingredient Hack to Making DIY Ice Magic with Nutella


The invention of Ice Magic undoubtedly improved after-dinner ice cream out of sight. No matter your age, people everywhere delighted in watching the liquid turn solid atop a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream and found joy in cracking the shell with a spoon before going in on their dessert.

Cottee’s Ice Magic has been a supermarket staple for years, and in 2020, still holds up as a must-have condiment for any dessert lover, but aside from the OG chocolate and some spin-off flavours, we’ve never been blessed with a Nutella flavour. Until now.

One home cook has perfected a recipe for DIY Nutella Ice Magic. Using only two ingredients, both of which are probably sitting in your pantry right now, she replicates the instant shell of the real deal in a delicious hazelnut flavour.

nutella ice magic
Budget Friendly Meals Australia Facebook

In a video posted to the Budget Friendly Meals Australia Facebook group, Nat Alie combines two teaspoons of Nutella with one teaspoon of coconut oil in a bowl. She microwaves the mixture for 20 seconds, before pouring it over a bowl of ice cream and fruit. The topping hardens instantly.

Her post is well-liked by dessert people everywhere, with commenters saying: “My kids will love you forever,” while calling her invention a “must try”.

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