You Can Now Share Your Coolest Sneakers With an Armchair


We’ve long been coveting the boucle trend for armchairs, and even discovered recently how we could DIY our own with an affordable Kmart chair. Now, it would seem the latest trend in the armchair space has some legs. Or rather, feet.

Italian fashion label LC23 has revealed designs for a new customisable furniture piece that, quite frankly, is unlike anything we’ve seen before. A chic armchair in a textured grey fabric makes up the base product, though it’s made extra intriguing by mix-and-match removable pockets that somewhat resemble bum bags and can stick onto the upholstery in spots convenient to the user.

Even stranger (and cooler) still, the Italian-made armchair comes not with regular feet, but actual wooden feet that have been shaped after a human foot and hand-carved by local craftspeople.

wooden feet
Instagram @lc23

The shoes don’t come with the chair — the piece is designed to be fitted with its own pairs of socks and sneakers. It’s a great opportunity for sneakerheads to show of their collection safely in their homes, without the risk of scuffing or dirtying their collections.

Depending on the colour of the shoes, the interchangeable pockets can be swapped out to match or mismatch,  according to your individual preferences. As for what you fill them with, well, that’s your choice too. We’d suggest snacks, but the TV remote could prove convenient too.

According to LC23, it would seem only 10 pieces will be made with a US $1,570 (AU $1,972) price tag. We’re predicting these to sell-out fast, so if you want one, you best get in quick.

armchair-feetAnd even if you miss out — or can’t quite get around the shipping costs — you probably could DIY a similar piece with an existing armchair in your home.

All you’d have to do is swap out the legs of your piece with something round and long (to mirror an ankle), then slip over some socks and pop the feet into your shoes.

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